Jim KrotzmanJim Krotzman

Born in USA 1949 
Living in Wisconsin USA

Jim Krotzman taught secondary reading and English for 36 years in Wisconsin and Colorado. He started writing haiku and senryu in the 1990s when he wrote along with his students as part of writer’s workshop. He uses irony, contrast, humor, puns and other wordplay in his haiku.


band on parade
the plume grass
sways in rhythm

The Cicada's Cry Spring 2019 Edition

The mid-March wind
whiffles through the exhaust vent
. . .croaking of sandhill cranes

Brussels Sprout, Volume XII: 1, January 1995

more horse manure
on the roads

hedgerow: a journal of small poems 128 Summer 2019

the shape
of the trout stream
wild phlox

The Heron's Nest Volume XX, Number 3: September 2018