James G. Brueggemann

Born: Austin, Texas USA (1942)
Current: Mount Pleasant, South Carolina USA
Born into a Wisconsin pastor’s family, he became a physician, practicing in Duluth, Minnesota for 26 years. His haiku, personal essays and poetry have been published in literary and medical journals since 1979. After the Night Rain, a haiku collection, was published in 2014. He blogs weekly since 2018.
Blog: http://www.jamesbrueggemann.com


Snow whistling
In rows across the road –
My mother’s hair

Dragonfly  14.1, Winter 1985-86

City winter –
Dried sidewalk salt
Far from home

An Anthology of Haiku by People of the United States and Canada. Japan Air Lines 1988

Spring morning after church
A nun reads Sunday comics –
Black habit quivers

Leanfrog Newsletter JAN/FEB/MAR/APR 1980

Under his bed,
Just for the hospital –
New slippers

Modern Haiku  XVIII.2, Summer 1987

His IV being hung –
Rain on the window

Modern Haiku  XVIII.2, Summer 1987

On the nursing desk
In Intensive Care –
Fudge brownies

Modern Haiku  XVIII.2, Summer 1987

Cleaning out old leaves
From under cedar bushes
The rake scratches ice

Dragonfly  13.2, Summer 1985

First spring lawnmower
Droning busily outside
Cutting dandelions

Leanfrog Newsletter JAN/FEB/MAR/APR 1980

The crabapple tree
Shedding blossoms
On two yards

Modern Haiku  XVII.1, Winter-Spring 1986

Turning away from
The sick woman’s bedside –
Wild iris in a cup

Modern Haiku XIV.1, Winter-Spring 1983

After the night rain
Crickets’ conversations seem
Louder than before

Dragonfly 12.2, April 1984

Cornfield cicadas
Shrilling in the humid breeze –
Rough leaves rattle

Dragonfly 14.1, Winter 1985-86

The feeling
Perhaps we know each other
Just never met

Leanfrog IV.1, Winter, 1981