Maria Chiara Miduri

Born 1981, Italy
Currently living in Turin

Maria Chiara Miduri is a cognitive and linguistic anthropologist (PhD), teacher and researcher. She writes haiku in English since 2016. She practice haiku as poetry as well as a philosophy of life in the light of Zen tradition.


June wheat fields
a basket of bread
all year long

Under the Basho, June 2017


a crow feeds
tiny wings
while the bough floats

Wales Haiku Journal, Spring Issue, 2019


foggy morning
carrot soup
boils in the kitchen

The Mainichi, 21 March 2019


red heart balloon
floats through the air
as I exhale

The Asahi Shimbun, Asahi Haikuist Network, 1 March 2019


first steps
on the seashore
the child knows the way

The Bamboo Hut, Spring Issue 2019, p. 42