Maureen SudlowMaureen Sudlow

Maureen lives in Whanganui, New Zealand with her husband Rod, and their Staffie Bert. She loves poetry, particularly Japanese and classical Chinese forms, and is also a keen photographer and amateur water-colourist. Maureen has a Diploma in Creative Writing and has published two children’s picture books and two small poetry collections. She is a member of the New Zealand Poetry Society.


eternal dripping
of water through limestone
brittle bones

Kokako Issue 20, April 2014

into yesterday’s mists
rain on the flax

Antipodes, Steele Roberts Publishers, 2014

repeating itself
over and over

Kokako Issue 22, April 2015

skinny dead cat
on the road this morning
politicians’ promises

Seen from the Gallery  Wordly Press, 2017