Marita Gargiulo

Marita discovered haiku at MIT while editor of a poetry magazine. She has organized poetry contests, haiku nights, and collaborations with an orchestra. Marita has made video haiga and was a Haiku Foundation guest editor. In 2019 she received the Senryu Prize in the Kaji Aso Studio International Haiku Contest.


Times Square chestnut vendor
dad’s accent
returns with the change

Senryu Prize 2019, Kaji Aso Studio’s International Haiku Contest


in broken English
my uncle’s
card tricks

Modern Haiku, 48.1, Winter – Spring, 2017

light snow      a thin excuse

Frogpond, 40.3, 2017

a heated argument
the length of the quiet car –
in sign language

Cattails, October, 2018

the emptiness
of all inboxes –

at the water’s edge, Haiku Canada Members’ Anthology, 2019

hometown dime store …
counting out small

bottle rockets, 38, 2018

still my friend and I
compare notes

Akitsu Quarterly, Winter 2018

padlocked to the gate
in a bad neighborhood
Santa’s reindeer

Frogpond, 41.3, 2018

a splash of poppies
in my knitting –
late snow

Wales Haiku Journal, Summer, 2018

playing “air piano”
still that cursed
wrong note

Presence, 61, July 2018

for the same fuchsia –
hummingbird and I

Stardust Haiku, 20, August, 2018


paying the fine
though my car wasn’t abandoned –
frozen sleet

Akitsu Quarterly, Fall 2018