Sara Winteridge

Living in Fordingbridge, Hampshire, U.K.


a laptop gnat
looking for the light
in a Bergman film

Notes from the Gean 2013


the news
no one wanted to hear
drumming rain

Modern Haiku 44.1, 2013


wounded sky – the apothecary fly returns to base camp

Bones #2,  2013


abortion clinic –
they name a blind fish
from a deepwater cave

Bones #2, 2013


excavating – a seam of roman noses in the dream trench

Bones #3, 2013


mapped in magenta
the isthmus and inlets
crossing her legs

Frogpond, 36:1, 2013



storm cliffs –
the remains of a fish
in a stone

Heron's Nest, 2013/14


asthma –
the tight whorl
of fiddleheads

Heron's Nest #16:1 2014


this same starlight fell
face-down in a flooded trench –
bayonet rain

 Prune Juice, #12 2014


dark moon
a gang of street boys
luring the stray

 Prune Juice, #10 2013


how quietly
you crept in –
wild violets

Blithe Spirit, Volume 23, Number 3, August 2013


low tide – pocketing the keeper stone

kernelsonline, #1 2013



frozen in the stream
the stream

 cattails #1 2014


sea glass –
even my memory of him
worn smooth

Presence # 48 June 2013


crumbling cliffs –
sand martins in and out
of the eocene

British Haiku Society Members' Anthology, Time, 2013


white blossom falling     a spindrift      a sea

Modern Haiku


orange blossom –
lifting her niqab
just enough

Modern Haiku


honeydew – my cleavage ends in a melon seed

 Blithe Spirit


collecting driftwood
on the heels of the boxer dog
sea foam



long grass – unwittingly I transfuse a tick

Blithe Spirit


gorse blossoms
on the borrow pits –
wild horses

Snapshot Press Calendar


idle talk – the fat peony collapses


cathedral rain – a sparrow in the gargoyle’s cheek

Blithe Spirit


just a shell
this bombed out


water lily
the red coiled stems
of coupling dragonflies


a breeze – the bamboo spreads rumours


the toad who lives
in the privy

Basho Ki


darkening sky
the weight of the storm
in thunder flies

Snapshot Press Calendar


first frost
the thrush brings a snail
to the anvil stone

Heron’s Nest


full moon
newts glide through
the Sea of Tranquility