Steve DolphySteve Dolphy

Born 1961, Southampton, United Kingdom
Present place of residence: Eastleigh, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Steve worked in business before becoming a clinical psychologist. Whilst living in Vietnam, 1997 to 2001, he studied Vietnamese at the Hanoi National University and started writing haiku. He has published two haiku collections: The Cry of the Duck Egg Seller Ram Publications, 2004 and A Compendium of Glimpses Kindle, 2015.


temple rock pool
a tadpole swims
from dark to light

Presence 16, 2000

reddening sky
the car park empties
gull by gull

The Heron’s Nest, Volume 3, Number 9, November, 2001

long winter walk
picking up a stone
to accompany me

Presence 9, 1999

counting galaxies
the swirl
on each fingertip

bottle rockets 13, 2005

rainy day
I wipe a thumbprint
from the fossil

Snapshots 10, 2001

city street 2am
a cyclist zigzagging
nothing else

The Haiku Quarterly 23/24, 2000

river at sunrise
a bathing monk ducks
the boatman’s oars

The Haiku Quarterly 26, 2000

solitary swim
a stray god sniffs
deflated clothes

Snapshots 5, 1999

old railway cutting
still going

The Hermitage, Volume III, 2006

breeze parting the reeds parting the breeze

Acorn 41, Fall, 2018

a seashell in my pocket
the gentle clunk
of the car door

Presence 62, 2018

a red fire extinguisher
pristine   pressurized   in place

Presence 62, 2018

streamlined locomotive
its smoke trail
shaped by the wind

Acorn 42, Spring, 2019

empty car park
each space with its own
pattern of stains

Frogpond 42:2, Winter, 2019

spring river
the underside of a bridge
dappled with sunlight

Presence 64, 2019

end of the pier
picking a spot to settle
the seagull and I

Acorn 43, Fall, 2019, USA

airport travelator
the dropped boarding pass
goes on alone

Presence 65, 2019

from the moment I wake
every object I touch
shaping my hands

Modern Haiku 51.1, Autumn, 2019

after hours -
the paper-jam light
glows red

Frogpond 43.1, Winter 2019

beginning its journey
      an ocean wave

Modern Haiku 50:3, Autumn, 2019