Oana Aurora BoazuOana Aurora Boazu

Date of birth : 29.09.1978
Place of birth: Craiova city,Romania
Present place of residence: Galati city,Romania
Blog: http://www.haikumine.blogspot.com

I began writing haiku in 1999 and since then, it has became a way of living. I’ve graduated from Cybernetics but, for me, writing haiku was enriching my personality; like taking a photo, I want to capture the moment and keep it inside for as long as I can.


a drip of coffee
on the table mat -
one color morning

Frogpond Journal, Winter Edition 2010, Volume 33, No. 1

idle summer time-
steamy cast-mosaic floor
in Turkish bath

Honorable Mention in the international section , The 14th Mainichi Haiku Contest, Japan 2010  

June market
an old woman making
a chamomile mandala

Mainichi Daily Japan 11th August 2014 Edition

fish market:
the smell of old sails
on his coat

The Heron’s Nest Volume XVII, Number 1: March 2015