William KecklerWilliam Keckler

Born 1966, Steelton, USA.

William Keckler is a poet, translator, fiction writer and visual artist. His books include Sanskrit of the Body, which was selected by Mary Oliver for the National Poetry Series. His favorite haiku poet is everybody.


his dead mother
in her birdseed
middle of the night

bones (#12, March 2017)

a soprano
in the prison
lifts midnight's pitch

Presence (#59, 2017)

winter landscape
they plow the graveyard
before the streets

Shamrock Haiku (#41, 2018)

tombstone rubbings
a stranger’s name
shapes a day

Creatrix (Issue 45, June, 2019)


giving a push
to the bullet train
a butterfly's wings

Presence (#64, 2019)

nobody's point home

Autumn Moon Haiku Journal (2:2, Spring/Summer 2019)


silver minnows
hang together in moonlight
off the clock

Frameless Sky (Issue 10, 2018)

muskeg wind
the stories
nobody shapes

Failed Haiku (Volume 4, Issue 38)

windshield shadows
tiny rivers
cross her face

The Mainichi (May 22, 2019)

empty house
where we once loved
snakeskin in the yard

Modern Haiku (50.2, Summer 2019)

bathing the dead
his daughters hold his hands
at arm's length

Failed Haiku (Volume 4, Issue 41)


half seen
in the river glimpses
of bedclothes

bones (#16, March 2019)


spring night--
the aim of flowers
in the dark

bones (#16, March 2019)


hawk dives
winter through
every organ

Wales Haiku Journal (Winter, 2018)


mother's milk--
a machine drinks
in the dark

Wales Haiku Journal (Winter, 2018)


city snow
the blind listening
to moth wings of snow

The Aurorean (Fall/Winter 2019)

first grey hairs
he stands on his hands
before making love

Ink, Sweat and Tears (2019)

pew pew
some homely holiness
aims at us

Ink, Sweat and Tears (2019)


talking to a snake
we discover just skin
shed skin listening

Ink, Sweat and Tears (2019)


my hair grows faster
  than the grass

IAFOR Vladimir Devidé Haiku Award, Runner-Up, 2018


late night city
headlights follow twists
in DNA

Under the Basho (2019)


the river its skin massaging stars time and again

Under the Basho (2019)