Eufemio GriffoEufemia Griffo


dry ink
the last journey
of a word of love

Presence, Issue 61, July 2018

abandoned house
the deep silence
of forgotten things

Blithe Spirit, Vol. 28, No. 2, 2018

kakemono . . .
I write my name
next to yours

Blithe Spirit, Vol. 27, No. 4, 2017

spicy tea
the first smell
of winter

Blithe Spirit Vol. 29, No. 2, Runners-Up, British Haiku Society Museum of Haiku Literature Award

frosty wind
the empty nest
of a kingfisher

The Stardust Haiku, Apr. 2018

plum blossoms
remembering the scent
of the last spring

The Stardust Haiku, March 2020

twilight . . .
I share the silence
with my silence

Cattails, April 2018

one part of my life
in its beak

Cattails, April 2017

your absence
in my hands

Modern Haiku, Vol. 42.2, Summer 2011

the first flight
of a dragonfly

Modern Haiku, Vol. 49.1, Winter-Spring, 2018

fall twilight
the shadow of a butterfly
behind me

hedgerow #129, December 2019

looking at the moon
the young mother becomes
a child again

Charlotte Digregorio's Writer’s Blog, Jan. 26 2017

Another year older
the sun slides
into its shadow

Seashore, Vol. 1, October 2018

Memorial day
a butterfly opens
its wings

Seashore, April 2020

learning to say
what I think

hedgerow #123, Spring 2018

billowing clouds
the thousand shapes
of the wind

Wales Haiku, Spring 2019

the thousand forms
of a mandala

Wales Haiku, Spring 2018

Amulet . . .
an old Sioux prayer
circles his son’s neck

Asahi Haikuist Network


absinthe glass
the souls of poets lost
in a green river

Asahi Haikuist Network, November 2017

walking to the borders
of my mind

Chrysanthemum 23, April 2018

upturned shells
the sound of sea
buried in the sand

Akita International Haiku Network – World Haiku Series 2019, January 2020

mantra meditation
my thoughts lost
among my thought

Failed Haiku, Vol. 4 Issue 43, July 2019

white canvas
dipping the black ink
into my dreams

Failed Haiku, Vol. 4, Issue 40, April 2019 Retrospective Issue

the lizard loses
its place in the sun

Failed Haiku, Vol. 2 Issue 18, June 2017

a long way to go...
my shadow
left behind

Failed Haiku, Voll.2, Issue 17, May 2017

drops of ink
all the words
I didn’t tell you

Butterfly Dream, Edited by Chen-ou Liu, April 2019

incense smoke
summer stars
far away

Butterfly Dream, Edited by Chen-ou Liu, May 2019

misty morning
mother doesn’t remember
the colour of the sea

International Women’s Haiku Festival, March 2017, Published in Inner Voices


singing bowl
the sound of snow
before falling

Otata 37, January 2019

ivy leaves
the painful intertwining
of my memories

Otata 32, August 2018

breakfast table
she don't remember
her favorite tea

FemkuMag, January 2020

childhood memories
talking with
my imaginary dolls

FemkuMag, January 2020

snow moon
every morning
without your smile

Under the Basho  2019

cold wind
the loneliness
of fallen leaves

Under the Basho 2018

white bougainvilleas
remembering the days
of last winter

Wild Plum, a haiku journal, 3:2 Fall&Winter 2017

leaf in the wind
tonight i too
am alone

Daily Haiga, May 2018

deep fog
the cold breath
of winter

Daily Haiga, June 2018

the bitter taste
of my past

Haikuniverse, January 2018

empty bowl
I rewrite our story
from the beginning

Haiku dialogue, THF, January 2020

gecko in the shade…
a long summer

Mainichi, August 2017

falling stars …
the silent prayer
of a mother

Mainichi, August 2017