fog –
all I can hear
is my tinnitus

Chrysanthemum No.27, April 2020

having tea with old friends
all the shades
of déjà vu

cattails, april 2020 issue

sailing at night . . .
behind the ship turbulent
Milky Way

Second Prize, The Melnik Poetry Evenings, Bulgaria 2019

windless day –
in the cobweb under cherry
a mandala

First Prize, Apokalipsa Haiku Contest, Slovenia 2019

in front of TV –
the snow monkey chewing on
the cherry blossoms

The Fourth International Haiku Contest, Cherry Blossom, Bulgaria 2019 (Runner up)

gold mask of the moon –
a long ride after

modern haiku Vol. 49.3. Autumn 2018

a scream in the night
the hotel owner's tom cat
in the lady guest's bed

First Prize, Aphrodite Erotic Haiku Contest, Ludbreg, Croatia 2019

exotic ZOO birds –
in front of the cage
sepia sparrows

D.V.Rožić: Sepia Sparrows, self-published, 2017 (ISBN 978-953-57651-2-7)

tender breeze . . .
silky cobweb soaring
into unknown

Second Prize, Radmila Bogojević Haiku Contest, Serbia 2017

a bare necked rooster
cock-a-doodle-do climbs
up his red neck

D.V.Rožić: Country Road, self-published, 2016 (ISBN 978-953-57651-7-2)

deserted hamlet
the hornets harvesting
all those ripe pears

First Place, Revista HAIKU Contest, Romania 2016

in her first wheelchair . . .
a puff of breeze moves the petals
closer to the pond

Second Place, Revista HAIKU Contest, Edition 2018, Romania

traffic jam
a stick with a stork takes off
from a country road

D.V. Rožić: Under the Wing of a White Stork, JU Zeleni prsten Zagrebačke županije, Samobor 2016 (ISBN 978-953-56250-5-6)

a stork in its nest
and a boy in the yard
standing on one leg

D.V. Rožić: Under the Wing of a White Stork, JU Zeleni prsten Zagrebačke županije, Samobor 2016 (ISBN 978-953-56250-5-6)

the road curve
the sun in a puddle
moves straight ahead

D.V. Rožić: Silent Music, self-published, 2015 (ISBN 978-953-57651-4-1)

on the platform –
my wet feet, a crow
and a part of the moon

Best of Issue (choice by Robert Wilson), Haiku Reality/Stvarnost, Vol. 11, No. 19, Winter 2014

winter savannah
the orb of the sun climbs down
the giraffe's neck

Mainichi Annual Selection, 2014

all these shiny roofs
and just enough moonlight
to tuck in every tile

First Place, Rangitawa Publishing Haiku and Humour contest 2013, New Zealand

fishing with father –
an empty bucket full of

Sharpening the Green Pencil Haiku Contest, Romania 2013 (2nd Prize)

on a country road –
cow scratches herself at
blossoming plum tree

Honorable Mention, Kaji Aso Studio’s International Haiku Contest 2013

a plum orchard
under the snow – whole night so blue
in the moonlight

First Prize, The 10th Haiku Day Dubravko Ivančan, Krapina, Croatia 2008

the postman on a motor-bike
leading a pack of dogs
from fence to fence

D.V. Rožić: Chasing the Clouds, self published 2005 (ISBN 978-953-7205-10-X)

through the harpsichord
of a bare weeping willow
fingers of the wind

Third Prize, The International “Kusamakura” Haiku Competition, Japan 2004

scratching its belly
with the most hind legs
a wasp on the window pane

Second Prize, The 5th Haiku Day Dubravko Ivančan, Krapina, Croatia 2003

weeping willow
fishing full Moon
in the spring stream

Commended, WHC, R.H. Blyth Award 2002

the sun jumping
from puddle to puddle
beside the bus

Award, Ashiya Haiku Festival, Japan 2001

off the stone
drop by drop the sea returns
to the sea

Illustrated Haiku Poems, Yukki Yaura, Suiyu Enomoto, Suekichi Book, London 2000

in red twilight
the seagull and the sea

Azami No 38, Japan 1996