Born in Hartford Connecticut, USA
Living in Bloomfield, Connecticut, USA

Donna Fleischer


private keep off

words nailed to a tree

the sun comes through



Peace Is A Haiku Song anthology, 2013


this cold Spring

to trust in –

Fukushima rods



Bones issue 1, 2012


earth day

the knell

of cherry blossoms


Vancouver Cherry Blossom 2013 Haiku Invitational
Honourable Mention Recipient


birth day

the wish

already granted



Woven, Longhouse 2012


sudden pop up –

a bubblegum breeze

in the bleachers



The Mainichi Daily News May, 2012


on public land

we can visit any time we like

quince tree



, 26:10 Spring – Summer 2012


the lurid red

of a Japanese maple –

time to part



Cattails, Premier Issue January 2014


traffic cone

in a bed of tulips

where am I going?



         Solitary Plover winter 2012


my anger

joins the tree root

jutting out


South by Southeast 17:3, 2010, Editors’ Choice


weather report –

the butterflies

out very late



South by Southeast 19:1 2012



rolling up the mountain

yellow snapdragons



Modern Haiku 35:1 2004


peony –

a bulls’-eye of ants






tree shadows –

a lifetime

in pencil lines



roadrunner 2013


earth’s red shadow

covers the moon

news of more war



Kamesan's World Haiku Anthology on War, Violence and Human Rights Violation 2013


lost –

trying to follow

one firefly



Twinkle, Twinkle Longhouse chapbook 2010


a light


with the leaves



Twinkle, Twinkle Longhouse chapbook 2010


cone of snow

in the parking lot ah!

mount fuji



, 20:4 Autumn – Winter 2005


pond walk –

in my ear, mosquito

for a muse



Asahi Shimbun 2011


in between petals

of a tiny white daisy

this shifting world



bottle rockets 2007


summer night . . .

a primrose

still open



Modern Haiku

Donna Fleischer


summer rain

lengthening the grass . . .

my lovesickness



Cornell University Mann Library’s Daily Haiku 2010


flutter of leaves . . .

my neighbor’s pipe glows

with the wind



Modern Haiku


a grub


from the light



Hummingbird xv:3 2005


snow glaze –


squares the moon



Hummingbird xiv:2 2003


on its back

a sparrow

November sky



, Autumn – Winter 2004


twinkle, twinkle . . .

morning sun

on the snow




strewn steel embers

ash and bits of bone

soon the snow


Peace Is A Haiku Song anthology, 2013


in the bare spindly tree    one bird’s song



Solitary Plover, Winter 2012



samurai bones in spring rains



We Are All Japan anthology, 2012


the crow sidestepping sunlight



South by Southeast 17:3, 2010


crowning –

vulva      head      vulva      head

thousand petaled


Lilliput Review #161, 2013


finding its way back

sure as the sun

a dandelion


South by Southeast 19:2, 2012


the pale pink –

cherry petals touching

tip to tip


Vancouver Cherry Blossom 2011 Haiku Invitational
Honourable Mention Recipient


fresh barley wine

an urge to talk

with Beowulf


South by Southeast 20:1  2013



of old cedar mulch . . .

heat wave


Presence 34, 2008


rail cars stacked with wood

slowly pass the living, i

whisper to them, kaddish


Lilliput Review, #160, 2009


the snow

newly fallen – one day

i will not be here


Kō 20:4, (212th issue), 2005


winter wind      pine cones scatter into       other lives


Hummingbird 16:2, 2005


cereus blooms

white fragrant petals

in moonlight


bottle rockets 4:2, 2003


take it off, no

not the red dress the mask

that is the red dress


Bones issue 2, 2013