Janice DopplerJanice Doppler

Born 1948 in USA
Living in Massachusetts, USA

Janice is a retired public school teacher and administrator. She writes haiku and haibun. She enjoys tai chi, bird watching, and bird carving.


last day of summer
the scarlet tanager sits
. . . just sits

Kingfisher #2, Fall 2020

comet tail

First Frost #1, Spring 2021

wildlife refuge
the calls of birds
and boys

Acorn #47, Fall 2021

flamingo flock—
the child holds her

Second Place, 2021 Porad Haiku Award

ripe cherries
the still warm pie

The Bamboo Hut – 2020, #4

her last day
i hold grandma’s hand
in silence

The Helping Hand Anthology, Middle Island Press, 2020

in the pond—
cloud dragons

frogpond – 42:3, Fall 2019

local strawberries
my fingers

Nor’Easter 20:2, Winter 2019

the rustle of leaves
each its own
shade of green

frogpond – 43:1, Winter 2020

mammal tracks
in a snowy field
traces of night

bottle rockets #42, 2020

frost crystals
sparkle on its fur . . .
dead opossum

frogpond 43:2, Spring 2020