Carrie Ann Thunell

Born 1958 in USA.

Carrie Ann (CAT) Thunell has had poetry and/or art published in over 75 print magazines.

She was editor of the Nisqually Delta Review, which ran for 3 years. Her haiga has been on Simply Haiku, and Haigaonline. Ms Thunell has been published in several of Robert Epstein’s haiku anthologies.



after the rain
blooms everywhere–
croak after croak

Simply Haiku, winter 2006

over the handlebars
the moon and I

Paper Wasp, spring 2005
The Signature Haiku Anthology edited by Robert Epstein, Middle Island Press, 2020

the percolator

Simply Haiku, Summer 4:2, 2006

tulip fields in bloom—
she walks in the sun
heavy with child

Mayfly, summer 2004

peel back the night
with song

Haiku Harvest, spring/summer 2006

chair propped by window
she nods in the sun
rosary in hand

Kokako, Sept 2004

fold up their colors--
last berries

Frogpond, Spring 2004

a child collects
spiral sea shells—
wave lapped toes

Paper Wasp, summer 2005

the marriage bed—
mother curled round
dad’s photograph

They Gave Us Life: Celebrating Mothers, Fathers, and Others in Haiku edited by Robert Epstein, Middle Island Press 2017

a boy
holding his bug box

Paper Wasp, Jan 2006

moon dog night—
a guy I used to drink with
asks for spare change

Frogpond, fall 2006

blue-gray currents—
the kayak
spilling stars

Paper Wasp, fall 2004
Blue-gray Currents: A Haijin Hikes in and Around the Olympic Penninsula by Carrie Ann Thunell Shadow Poetry C 2005

bongo drums
he practices his rhythm—
rain battered roses

Presence, # 24 Sept 2004

a cat
uncurls from the leaf pile-
potato bugs

White Lotus, fall/winter2006

owl moon . . .
in the deep forest,
my true self

Simply Haiku, Summer 4:2 2006
Earth—Grandmother of the Buddhas edited by Carrie Ann Thunell Mad Maverick Press, 2006

catching rain
on my tongue—
scent of plum blossoms

Heron’s Nest, March 2007

chaining the bike
to a bare tree
voices drift by

Modern Haiku, # 37-1, 2006


Haiku Canada, Feb 2006

on my Zazen pillow—
the serenity prayer

Frogpond, winter 2006

dragging her walker
through deep mud
the old woman sings

Kokako, Sept 2004

how the moon
in my tea cup

Lynx, June 2007

rain sliding
down leaves—
cat-stretched windowsill

Haiku Harvest, spring/summer 2006

moon viewing
on the nude beach—
the laughing gulls

Clouds Peak issue# 1 summer 2006

ning top
falls on its nose spinning
the cat’s ear

Haiku Canada member’s anthology, a chirping sparrow, May 2005


leafing through
a maple grove—
forgotten sutras

bottle rockets, vol9 # 1

married life—
the sound
of his burping

Kokako, Sept 2004

leaves on the ground—
the dog uncovers
what the cat left

Haiku Canada, June 2005

momma was a
summer landscape painter--
Montana still life

Simply Haiku, Summer 4:2, 2006