David K. EyreDavid Kāwika Eyre

Born in 1946 in the USA and currently lives in Volcano, Hawai‘i.

He has has taught Hawaiian language at Kamehameha Schools for 30 years. His books have won numerous Ka Palapala Po‘okela honors, including the Award of Excellence for By Wind, By Wave, as best natural science book of 2000. Kamehameha–The Rise of a King received the Palapala Po‘okela Award in Hawaiian culture, a Moonbeam Children’s Book Award, a Read Aloud America award, and a Nënë Award. Eyre’s haiku collection, not a one, was published by Red Moon Press in 2018.


the tulip
touched another

not a one, Red Moon Press 2018

summer rain
and the taste
of her mouth

not a one, Red Moon Press 2018

dawn light­­
deer prints point
to the pear blossoms

Modern Haiku 50.2 Summer 2019
Charlotte Digregorio’s Writer’s Blog/Daily Haiku 5/28/2020

the quiet
after the wave,
she closes her eyes

Hedgerow 130, Winter 2020.

old age
when did the buds

Akitsu Quarterly Winter 2019

spring fever
an itch goes

Chrysanthemum 27, Spring 2020.

sunny day
a fly

bottle rockets 43, 2020

on curve
of moon

Bones 20, July 2020.

summer heat
plums drop
when touched

Akitsu Quarterly Summer 2019

wind in
the nothing
that is

Sonic Boom Issue 15, 2019.

holocaust museum
a trash can full
of staring cups

HUMAN / KIND 2.1, March 2020.

summer breeze
and her breath
in the flute

Acorn Fall 2019

low tide–
breathing moonlight
in and out

Frogpond VOL. 42:2, Spring/Summer 2019

her old hairbrush
a mosquito alights
on its bristles

failed haiku Vol. 5 Issue 53, May 2020.

lying down
with moonlight
on her bed

Haiku Page 10, 2020.

falling shadows
of falling leaves
missing my dad

Autumn Moon Haiku Journal 3:1, Autumn/Winter 2019-2020.

plane descending
to the old country

Prune Juice 30, March 2020.

young moon
her lips close
on the empty cup

Presence 67, Summer 2020.


Bones 16, March 2019.