Anna Maria Domburg-SancristoforoAnna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo

Anna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo was born in 1948 in Genoa (Italy), but she lives in the Netherlands (The Hague), where she worked as a university lecturer in Italian language and culture at Leiden University.
She writes haiku, senryū, tanka both in Italian and English. Her work has been published in international magazines, blogs and (e-)journals.
Last year she received an honorable mention at the 73rd Basho Memorial English Haiku Contest.

nothing to say
and yet clouds
have a name

Le Lumachine, 36: Luglio 2020

cherry blossoms
longing for a time
full of songs

Presence, 67: July, 2020

the weight of silence
on the sunflowers


73rd Basho Memorial English Haiku Contest, October 2019

prayers beads —
counting dreams
one by one

Otata, 37: January 2019

still learning
to say goodbye —
fireflies glow

Failed Haiku, 42: June 2019

wind shadow —
looking in the mirrror
I border time

Femkumag, 15: August 2019

autumn morning
a strange lack
of serotonin

Haikuniverse, 13 November 2019

stinging nettles —
every passing year
I miss you more

Cattails, October 2018

Winter moon —
I wear his sweater
to keep warm

Presence, 57: March 2017

a song at dawn —
already spring
on the hawthorn

Akitsu Quarterly : Spring 2017