Kristen LindquistKristen Lindquist

b. 1967, United States
Camden, Maine

Kristen Lindquist is a writer and naturalist living on the coast of Maine.


a grey fox slips
through my consciousness
morning fog

Acorn 45, Fall 2020

mountain path
more enlightening
on the way down

Akitsu Quarterly 43, Fall 2019

shells at low tide
finding the constellation
that points to home

Akitsu Quarterly 45, Spring 2020

heat wave
the unbearable activity
of songbirds

Akitsu Quarterly 46, Summer 2020

strawberry moon
white peonies bow
beneath the rain

Autumn Moon 2:2, Spring/Summer 2019

summer rain
strange cries of a peacock
from the old pine

Autumn Moon 3:2, Spring/Summer 2020

deep blue sky
the vireo singing again
and again

Blithe Spirit 30.3, August 2020

eating watermelon
on the back porch
summer rain

Blithe Spirit 30.3, August 2020

hoping the rain
turns back to snow
hunter’s moon

bottle rockets 42, February 2020

dappled light
a patch of leaf litter
becomes sparrows

The Cicada’s Cry, Summer 2020

glacial erratic
of all the places
we could be

frogpond 43.1, Winter 2020

March wind
the blue tarp flaps loose
on the wood pile

hedgerow 131, Spring/Summer 2020

as fast
as I can drive
flower moon

The Heron’s Nest Vol. XXII, Number 2: June 2020

black ice seventh crow a secret

Kingfisher 1:1, Summer 2020

saltmarsh dawn
fish scales glinting
in the otter scat

Mariposa, Issue 42, Spring 2020

longest day
we wait up
for bats

Modern Haiku 51:3, Fall 2020

twelfth birthday
damselflies shifting
from one reed to another

otata 45, September 2019

tiger lilies
a time in my life
when I wore orange

otata 45, September 2019


wondering how
it feels to fly
question mark

otata 47, November 2019

longest day
the primrose moth deep
within the primrose

Presence 66, March 2020

the patterns of stars

tiny words 19.1, 2 May 2019

earth day
leaving the river alone
with its thoughts

tiny words 20.1, 22 April 2020

in spite of it all…
pine warbler back singing
in the pine

Under the Basho (Hokku), 2020

the last cord of wood
rising as smoke
sap moon

Wales Haiku Journal, Spring 2020