Richard Tice

Born in the U.S.A.; currently resides in Kent, Washington, U.S.A.
Richard Tice started writing haiku and essays on the form in the 1970s while teaching English in Japan. In the ‘80s he edited Dragonfly: East/West Haiku Quarterly. He has translated more than 200 Japanese haiku. Two collections of his haiku, Station Stop and Familiar and Foreign, have been published.


falling petals
a child counts to ten
and starts over

Haiku Forum 3.1, Oct. 2020

even the air
    shimmers—power lines
through the cicada drone

Zigzag Bridge, Haiku Northwest 2019

crows on a fence talk about
the neighborhood

Haiku Forum 1.1, Oct. 2018

winter commute
where the sound wall ends
Mt. Rainier

The Fifteenth Annual ukiaHaiku Festival: Winning Entries 2017, ukiaHaiku Committee, 2017

naval graveyard
the flattop silent
about its wars

2nd place, 2015 Seabeck Haiku Getaway kukai, Oct. 2015, in Exhaling, Haiku Northwest, 2016

an old flame
darkness closing in
on a lump of wax

Frogpond 38.3, Autumn 2015

         rain on pines
to the west | to the east
   rain on apple trees

Rainsong: 2014 Seabeck Haiku Getaway Anthology, Haiku Northwest / Vandina Press, 2015

freeway curves
a pause in the rhythm
of pines splitting sun

this world: HSA 2013 Members’ Anthology, Haiku Society of America, 2013

some things we don’t know
hundreds of crows darken
a field of stubble

Windfall, Haiku Northwest, 2012

no trespassing . . .
prickly pear blooming on both sides
of barbed wire

Standing Still, Press Here, 2011

morning fog . . .
climbing the shell
of an old lighthouse

Keepers of the Light, Kanshiketsu Press, 2010

dryer exhaust
            floating white specks before
heavenly bamboo

Familiar and Foreign, Waking Lion Press, 2008

slate grey glacial water
the guide
talks of blueberries

Frogpond 29.1, Winter 2006

a world of dew . . .
the night’s slow passage written
in lines of slugs

Hermitage 2.1 & 2, 2005

different tones
of nuts as a woman
shakes a bare gingko

Hermitage 1.1 & 2, 2004

freighter deck:
half the summer sky is sunset
half, stars

Familiar and Foreign, Waking Lion Press, 2008 (written in 2003)

Lunar New Year at Sokch’o, Korea

the sounding waves
and trawler, the mute birds
and rising sun

Modern Haiku 30.3, Fall 1999

more than yesterday
the floating peony’s red
filling the bowl

Kō, Spring-Summer 1997

through the fog
footsteps and cane
footsteps and cane

Kō, Autumn-Winter 1996

bare trees
on the avenue all the way
to the mountain

Dragonfly 15.4, 1991

A day at the office:
nothing to remind me
it’s snowing

Dragonfly 15.3, Summer 1989

Bus Stop Snow

bus stop snow—
the family at home

bus stop snow—
no new gloves, but two weeks
of “getting round to it”

bus stop snow—
recalling the haiku “One blossom,
one blossom’s worth of warmth”

bus stop snow—
new riddle: when can dark
be all white?

Modern Haiku 18.3, Autumn 1987

stretch of sand between
dark and dark

Station Stop, Middlewood Press, 1986

           dusk in the gully.
almost entering
            the sound of crickets

1985 Haiku Chapbook Mya Pasek Award Winners, St. Louis Poetry Center, 1985

after the wedding
of mountain water

Frogpond 6.2, 1983

among autumn stars.
    one star moves
  as a child is born

Mainichi Daily News, 5 September 1982

rain; colder on the ferry far from home   long trailing wake

Cicada 4.4 (1981)

moving together—
      noise of the bike, silence
           of the dragonfly

Cicada 4.3, 1980

dark before the storm—
                            dandelion puffs
                    floating free

Anthology of Western World Haiku Society 1979, J & C Transcripts, 1980

evening trout-splash—
too late, only the wrinkling
water and echo

Bonsai, January 1978