Tim CreminTim Cremin

Born: 1957 (USA)
Currently lives in Andover, Massachusetts

Tim Cremin is the author of the poetry chapbook The Way You Run in Dreams, published by Finishing Line Press. His work has appeared in several literary journals, including Frogpond, Mayfly, Modern Haiku, Soundings East, and Westview.
Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Tim-Cremin/e/B079Y31FDL?ref_=pe_1724030_132998060


snow flakes
a cone of silence
under the streetlight

Mayfly 68, Winter 2020

muddy ditch
forsythia spilling over
the stone wall

Modern Haiku 51.1, Winter-Spring 2020

broken taillight
sparks bursting from
a flicked cigarette

Frogpond 43.2, Spring/Summer 2020

the tree house Dad started
a year ago

Mayfly 69, Summer 2020

calm down
it’s not the end of the

Failed Haiku 5.55, July, 2020

yellow accordion
the dream making sense
while I’m in it

Sonic Boom 18, August 2020

night chills
birdbath full
of moon

bottle rockets 43, August 2020

silent night
watching a candle
by candlelight

Frogpond 43.3, Fall 2020

harvest moon
an acorn taps a few leaves
on its way down

Modern Haiku 51.3, Fall 2020

an owl slices
open the silence
hunter’s moon

The Heron’s Nest Volume XXII, Number 3: September, 2020

saucer of milk
the stray picks up
a name

Acorn 45, Fall 2020