Bob LuckyBob Lucky

born:15 August, 1956, USA
current residence: Portugal

Bob Lucky is the author of Ethiopian Time (Red Bird Chapbooks, 2014), Conversation Starters in a Language No One Speaks (SurVision Books, 2018), My Thology: Not Always True But Always Truth (Cyberwit, 2019), and the e-chapbook What I Say to You (, 2020).


steady rain
the pumpkin’s
dark smile

Frogpond 31.1, Winter 2008

the sound of bells
wishing I believed
in something

Paper Wasp 15.3, Winter 2009

quiet morning no slug at the end of the slug's trail

Modern Haiku 42.3, Autumn 2011

cold drizzle –
a goodnight kiss
on my bald spot

White Lotus 7, Fall/Winter 2008

raking leaves
the wind and I
take turns

Presence 48, June 2013

nothing in the window is everything

Modern Haiku 43.1, Winter-Spring 2012

border crossing
butterflies disappear
into a drawer

Modern Haiku 50:1, Winter-Spring 2019

palm shadows
the last drink before
the last drink

Presence #62, November 2018

fading stars the stiffness of shadow puppets

Modern Haiku 47.2, Summer 2016

wishing well
the boy next to me
begs a coin

Frogpond 42.1, Winter 2019

heat wave
the mailman fans himself
with my bills

The Heron's Nest 9:3, September 2007

boys killing a snake
because it's a snake –
dust devil

The Heron’s Nest 18.2, June 2016

waiting for death I miss the bus

A Hundred Gourds 5.2, March 2016


meteor shower
everyone complains
about the moon

tinywords 14.2, 17 September 2014

bees all about the blossom

A Hundred Gourds 4.4, September 2015

leap year
once a year my brother dies
no matter what

The Heron’s Nest  16.1, March 2014