Stephen ColganStephen Colgan

Born 1954 USA
Living in Oakland California

Stephen Colgan is a psychotherapist, writer, and photographer. He believes in kindness.


awkward silence
reflected in a spoon
my bulbous nose

Modern Haiku 49.3 Autumn 2018

fire season
she says good morning
like a prayer

Acorn 41 Fall 2018

breakfast alone
eating a banana
bruises and all

Modern Haiku 50.1 Winter-Spring 2019

sixth birthday
the piñata
puts up a fight

The Heron’s Nest Volume XXI, Number 1 March 2019

rainy season
I forget to water
the houseplants

Modern Haiku 51.2 Summer 2020

summer’s end
the sad little carnival
at the edge of town

Frogpond 41.1 Fall 2018

breakfast alone
I talk to myself
in my indoor voice

Mariposa 39 Autumn-Winter 2018

middle of the night
conversation with a darkness
shaped like you

Modern Haiku 50.2. Summer 2019

singing a song
we can’t remember 
something something something

Frogpond Volume 42:2 Spring/Summer 2019

rainy night
reading into
her emojis

Frogpond Volume 42:1 Winter 2019

autumn light
searching for my lost keys
I find my lost glasses

Hedgerow 125 Autumn 2018