Elena Naskova

Born: Stip, Macedonia
Resides: Seattle, WA, USA

Elena Naskova immigrated to the USA when she was twenty-five. Elena writes haiku, poetry and plays. On days when Elena doesn’t write, she usually paints.


wall shadows
the light from a passing car
cuts off the rabbit’s ears

A Hundred Gourds

Summer rain…
the smell of the ocean
reaches up to the hills

The Zen Space

missed exit...
rushing cars disappear
into the fallen cloud

Under the Basho 2018

homeless man
the postman delivers
a smile

Shiki Monthly Kukai—November 2008

three-month drought --
the clouds fading
on the street mural

Tiny Words

ripe moon -
my pale hands
in the berry bushes

Tiny Words

rush hour traffic
a row of homeless tents
lit up by brake lights

Butterfly Dreams

bad news ...
a fallen leaf
in the mailbox

BloÍžo Outlier Journal