Nick Hoffman

Born 1970 in Oakland County, Michigan, USA
Living in Cork, Ireland

Nick Hoffman grew up in Michigan, but moved to Dublin, Ireland, in 1995. He now lives in Cork, Ireland's second city. His work has appeared in several journals including Acorn, Modern Haiku, Frogpond, The Heron’s Nest, Shamrock, Prune Juice, Failed Haiku, Scifaikuest and Star*Line.


power outage
candlelight in the windows
across the street

Acorn 34, Spring 2015

queen costume
my daughter says
I should bow

Prune Juice 18, March 2016

the pulse
of my daughter's hand

Prune Juice 18, March 2016

birthday cake
the cowboys and cowgirls
drop their guns

Modern Haiku 47.2, Summer 2016

sleet . . .
the biscotti tin
full of clothes pegs

Modern Haiku 47.2, Summer 2016

dandelion patch:
our tomcat's
next life

Frogpond 39.2, Spring/Summer 2016

muggy night
her swimsuit drips
from the open window

Acorn 37, Fall 2016

the waitress
points the way to the toilet
with a coffeepot

Prune Juice 20, November 2016

the drive home . . .
in her small voice
grandma's "s" word

Prune Juice 20, November 2016

play date
snow white helps batman
onto a swing

Prune Juice 20, November 2016

false spring
I rub red marker
from her lips

Frogpond 40.1, Winter 2017

hunter’s moon
she picks a name for
the bathroom spider

Acorn 38, Spring 2017

wolf moon
behind a cloud
Orion draws his bow

Modern Haiku 48.2, Summer 2017

second date
I tell her I play
the accordion

Failed Haiku 16, April 2017

fish moon
the stray cat's
third helping

Shamrock 37, 2017

scent of lavender
a bee
gets there first

Shamrock 37, 2017

dandelion seeds
floating across the stage
the young ballerinas

Modern Haiku 48.3, Autumn 2017

loan application
the chain
on the bank's pen

Failed Haiku 19, July 2017

bed time
the fairy's
detachable wings

Failed Haiku 19, July 2017

first spacewalk
each breath
a prayer

Scifaikuest XV:1, August 2018

stale morning smog . . .
an O2 cartridge rattles
into the beggar's cup

Star*Line 42.4, Fall 2019

so slowly
across the crosswalk . . .
this drifting leaf

Frogpond 42.1, Winter 2019

foliage drive –
the bright orange
of the fuel light

Frogpond 42.1, Winter 2019

vacation over
the house plant
back in the house

Modern Haiku 51.1, Winter-Spring 2020

frost on the fields
the truck hauling pigs
turns off the main road

The Heron's Nest - Volume XXII, Number 1: March 2020

mom’s weekend away
dad cooks
our eggs “Navy style”

Prune Juice 30, March 2020

best friend’s girl
I taste the nicotine
on her tongue

Prune Juice 30, March 2020

late night revisions . . .
my haiku drifts
into senryu

Prune Juice 30, March 2020

New Year’s Eve –
the first firework
wakes the cat

Prune Juice 30, March 2020

quiet night in
he balances a beer can
on his belly

Prune Juice 30, March 2020