Goran Gatalica

Goran Gatalica

Goran Gatalica was born in Virovitica, Croatia, in 1982 and currently resides in Zagreb, Croatia.
He finished both physics and chemistry degrees from the University of Zagreb and proceeded directly to a PhD program after graduation. He has published poetry, haiku, and prose in the literary journals and anthologies.


spring pilgrimage —
first cherry blossoms
in mother’s sandals

Haiku Moment Award, The Best of Autumn Moon Haiku Journal (Volume 1:1 and 1:2), 2018.)

howling wind —
the mast of a small ship
sings on the shore

The Mainichi, 15.2.2018

thinking of war
wrapped in barbed wire
fragile butterfly

Basho-an Award, 1st Basho-an International Haiku Competition, Tokyo, Japan, 2019.

winter garden —
a long silence
of bonsai

The Heron's Nest, Volume XIX, Number 2: June 2017

anemone's seeds —
I sleep wherever
the night catches me

The Heron's Nest, Volume XXI, Number 4: December 2019

summer fog —
hustle along the docks
without a shape

Presence, Britain's leading independent haiku journal, #65, 2019.

desert's stillness —
the skin of a rattlesnake
basking in the sun

The Heron's Nest, Volume XXII, Number 2: June 2020

winter solitude —
in the wren's nest
twilight deepens

The Mainichi, Japan, 20.1.2020

war memories —
the embalmed dusk
in refugees’ veins

Noon: journal of short poem, # 16, February 2020

blizzard —
a well-stocked bookstore
full of children

Presence, Britain's leading independent haiku journal, #66, 2020.

night jasmine —
her bloomed soul brings water
to a refugee

Basho-an Award, 2nd Basho-an International Haiku Competition, Tokyo, Japan, 2020

hot day —
a lizard on a nearby rock
follows the sunset

Wales Haiku Journal, Winter 2019./2020.

truce agreement —
between the soldier’s boots
a cobweb

Acorn: a journal of contemporary haiku, Spring 2020.

deep solitude...
smaller than Planck constant
morning birdsong

Frogpond 41.2, Spring/Summer 2018.

autumn wind…
a little child leaves school
without his hat

Presence: Britain's leading independent haiku journal, #68, 2020.

amid pandemic
on our little attic balcony
the cardinal’s song

Acorn: a journal of contemporary haiku, Autumn 2020.

returning home —
a group of winter finches
on the refugee's tent

Presence, Britain's leading independent haiku journal, #67, 2020.

eighty autumns…
her fingers remembering
the first quinces

Honorable Mentions, Autumn Moon Haiku Contest 2020

scent of snow —
reinforced with cardboard
the refugee’s boots

Honorable Mention, The 74th Basho Memorial English Haiku Contest, 2020

spring lockdown —
the library windows stare
into the emptiness

World Haiku Review, Autumn 2020

sultry evening…
a procession of small ants
on the nightstand

English-Speaking Union of Japan, September 2020

moonless night —
the window of a moving train
cuts a dense mist

Wales Haiku Journal, Summer 2020

searing heat —
the spotted dove drinks water
without raising its head

The Mainichi, 23.7.2020

the last ship
from this island…
fragrance of lavenders

English-Speaking Union of Japan, July 2020

starless night —
the first pheasants nestle
in the grass

The Mainichi, 12.6.2020

spring loneliness —
washed with moonlight
mother's ink brush

English-Speaking Union of Japan, April 2019

end of spring…
father gouges a tiny line
into the wood

English-Speaking Union of Japan, June 2019

an old farmer
in the sleeves of night
rearranges silence

Human/Kind journal, Issue 1.7, July 2019

blazing bonfire —
my mother's wrinkles
become sharper

First Place, 30th edition of the Indian Kukai, December 2019

winter dawn —
small refugee takes breath
in a tank car

Honorable Mentions, Sharpening The Green Pencil Haiku Contest, Romania, 2018

lingering heat —
the tempo of flies
on the cow's tail

The Mainichi, 13.4.2018

bloom in the valley —
in grandma’s lullaby
hum of bees

First Place, 32nd Annual Sakura Festival, University of Alabama, USA, 2018

autumn equinox —
among the pilgrims
a blink of eternity

Tinywords, Issue 18.2, 25.9.2018

august flood —
a sprawling meadow
reflects the stars

Allegro Poetry Magazine, #18, September 2018

spring sunrays —
a kitten opens its eyes
for the first time

Allegro Poetry Magazine, #17, June 2018

forgiveness —
snow becomes brighter
in front of my house

The Mainichi, 8.2.2020

fading light—
he pulls the face mask
over his ears

Kingfisher, Issue #2, 2020.

folded parasols —
the bartender is looking
toward the moon

Wales Haiku Journal, Autumn 2020

evening coldness...
mother puts one of the pills
between her teeth

English-Speaking Union of Japan, December 2020.

seaside promenade —
I am looking forward
to a cup of espresso

Modern Haiku, Issue 51:2, 2020.

first icicles...
the neighbors' hedgerow
has many shadows

Modern Haiku, Issue 51:3, 2020.