Michele Root-BernsteinMichele Root-Bernstein

born in USA in 1953
lives in Michigan, USA

Michele Root-Bernstein devotes herself to haiku, haibun, and haiga. Her work appears in journals and anthologies at home and abroad and on three large rocks in Ohio. She has served as co-editor of Frogpond and book editor of Modern Haiku. Currently she facilitates the Evergreen Haiku study group in mid-Michigan.


summer’s end
the mother of the bride
holds an empty hat box

The Heron’s Nest Volume X, Number 1: March 2008

a flutter
in the doe’s flank
crocus in snow

The Heron’s Nest Volume XIV, Number 1: March 2012

the river’s mouth
no end to the end
of the journey

The Heron’s Nest Volume XIV, Number 3: September 2012

the scent of the past

The Heron’s Nest Volume XV, Number 1: March 2013

this morning
it takes the iris to open

Acorn 31, Fall 2013

gathering dusk
all the colored pencils
back in their cup

Second Place, Harold G. Henderson Memorial Haiku Award 2017

Magritte sky
this is not a ku
about clouds

Modern Haiku 49:1, Winter 2018

stretched thin,
                  my vowels
in moonlight

bones 16, March 2019

time shifting luggage in the overhead bin

Modern Haiku 50.2, Summer 2019

wet leaves
the way loss mellows
the path home

First Place, Porad Haiku Award 2019

dormant orchid dream me androgynous

bones 18, November 2019

unmade bed
my body’s dent
in the biome

Mariposa 42, Spring/Summer 2020

stone cistern
the song fills
with wren

Honorable Mention, Peggy Willis Lyles Haiku Awards 2020



Modern Haiku 52.1, Winter-Spring 2021