Vinay Leo R.Vinay Leo R.

Born: 1987 in Bangalore, India.
Living in Bangalore, India.

Vinay Leo R. is a poet and writer from Bangalore, India. He loves to write haiku, senryu, tanka and haibun, and his work has been published in haiku journals such as cattails, Modern Haiku, Frogpond, A Hundred Gourds, Sonic Boom, Frameless Sky and Failed Haiku. His work has also been part of the Naad Anunaad print anthology, and has reviewed a book for the Narrow Road journal. Two longer fiction has also made it to other printed books. He is an avid reader, and considers himself as a student always looking to learn more about haiku and other poetry forms.


ink puddle —
the words that
never were

Shiki Kukai, 1st Place, December 2013, Theme: Puddle

leaf dew —
this struggle
to let go

Shiki Kukai, 1st Place, March 2016, Theme: Dew

full corn moon
a scarecrow guards
the emptiness

Shiki Kukai, 1st Place, October 2015, Theme: Scarecrow

driftwood . . .
another Valentine's day
without you

Indian Kukai, 1st Place, February/March 2018, Theme: Valentine's Day

New Year morn . . .
on the beggar's rags
a new flea

Shiki Kukai, 1st Place, January 2015, Theme: New Year's Visitors

onions . . .
I feel her absence
cutting through

Shiki Kukai, 2nd Place, July 2013, Theme: Vegetables

morning mist . . .
the tattered blanket
on a park bench

Shiki Kukai, 2nd Place, November 2012, Theme: Mist

four-leaf clover —
still believing that
she loves me

Prune Juice Journal, Issue 12, March 2014

soap bubbles –
all the dreams
I blew away

A Hundred Gourds, Issue 3:3, June 2014

autumn dusk —
the gaps I find in
grandpa's story

Modern Haiku, Issue 45:2, Summer 2014

brussel sprouts . . .
the moments I remember
to forget

Frogpond, Issue 37:2, Spring - Summer 2014

withered lotus —
the wrinkles I see
in the mirror

cattails, May 2014

morning silence
. . . even the thrush
sings its praise

cattails, September 2014

night lights . . .
a boathouse floats
on the Milky Way

cattails, September 2014

salted caramel . . .
the things you know
you know

cattails, September 2014