Nadejda KostadinovaNadejda Kostadinova

Born 1974 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Residing Sofia, Bulgaria.

Nadejda Kostadinova came back to writing after a long break in 2017. Getting to grips with the modern poetry she also encountered haiku and got fascinated by its depth and brevity. Since then, her work has been published in various online and printed magazines and has been awarded honorable mentions and prizes in competitions.


getting to know
the neighborhood
a grey cat

Hedgegrow #128 September, 2019

the first flower blossoms
looking up at the sun

The Bamboo Hut, Number 2, 2020

walking in the park
with the rain

Under the Basho 2020

your appearance
a light breeze

твоето появяване
лек ветрец

Cattails  April 2020 issue

birds chirping
on the merry-go-round
her laughing

Chrysanthemum 27, April 2020 issue

behind the pine trees
either hiding or peeping
the moon changing face

Failed Haiku – A Journal of English Senryu, Volume 4, Issue 45, 2019

lazy morning
the moon
in my coffee

Failed Haiku  Volume 4, Issue 45, 2019

writing workshop
row after row
crossed words

Chrysanthemum 27, April 2020 issue

trough the prickly branches
a rose hip

Frogpond  Vol. 43:1, Winter 2020 issue

mechanical watch
tapping slowly
the old man’s stick

Chrysanthemum 27, April 2020 issue

път в мъглата
все поглеждам нагоре
за посоката

road in the fog
I keep looking up
for the direction

3rd place, International Maya Lyubenova International Haiku Contest, 2020

autumn sun
watching her small feet
rushing to school

10th place, European Kukai 2019

rainy cloud
casts a long shadow
on my face

Asahi Haikuist Network  2 August 2019

заслушвам се
в нощното небе

a prayer
I am listening
to the night sky

NAHAIWRIMO in Bulgarian March 2020March 2020

зимна вечер
след празниците
расте тишината

winter evening
after the holidays
silence growing

Honorable mention, 6th National December Haiku Contest “Snowy moon”, December 2018

first snow
covering everything
I don’t want to see


the moon
in the window frame
night shift

Stardust Haiku  #41 – May 2020

winter evening
in a glass of cognac

Tinywords  Issue 19.1, 9 July 2019

at the same blue sky
a new day

Under the Basho 2020