Dan IulianDan Iulian

Born: 1955, Obirsia Olt, Romania
Living in: Bucharest, Romania
Contact: dan_iulian09 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Dan Iulian (pseudonym of Iulian Ciupitu) is a retired engineer. He loves the arts, nature and travels. Since 2011, he meets the world of haiku and joins of the Romanian Kukai Group. Prizes for haiku in English, French, Italian and Romanian languages. Publications in country and abroad.


wrought iron flowers -
only the time is visiting
my mothers grave

Runner up, Vladimir Devidé The Second Annual Haiku Award, 2012

wedding gifts -
in the bride’s bouquet
a lily of the valley

Monthly Haiku Choices, Sketchbook, May / June 30, 2012 "wedding / bride" Haiku Thread

eclipse -

Mainichi Haiku in English, August 13, 2013

end of holiday -
memory of mountain spring
in a PET bottle

Winner, Iris Haiku Magazine Contest - Water for Life, 2013

I have seen angels -
but this is something common
in a hospital

Mainichi Haiku in English, January 21, 2013

back to school -
in the Wireless Networks Lab
a curious spider

Second Place, Carribean Kigo Kukai #54, September 2014

traffic jam -
the wind helps an old leaf
to cross the street

Merit Award, 7th Ito En Oi Ocha New Haiku Contest 2014

blood center -
a flea changes
the host

Commended, Blood Donation Haiku Contest 2015

summer rain -
between two thunders
her heartbeat

First Place, Indian Kukai #11, May 2015

the cherry tree in bloom
is knocking at the window -
nobody at the door

Commended, Journal of Romanian-Japanese Cultural Interferences Haiku Contest 2016

I don’t need nothing -
today visited me
the first swallow

Honorable Mention, The 19-th APOKALIPSA Haiku Contest 2017

douane -
in the eyes of a refugee
the borderless sky

Honorable Mention, The 2017 Betty Drevniok Awards, Canada

refugee camp -
just the full moon’ bauble
in a Christmas tree

Award, 7th Setouchi Matsuyama Photo Haiku Contest Haiku in English on a set theme, 2017

cold morning -
a bakery shares with all
the smell of warm bread

Honorable mention , 73nd Basho Memorial English Haiku Contest, 2019

high blue -
in the hawk’s eyes the pigeon
bigger and bigger

Honorable Mention, Soka Matsubara International Haiku Competition 2019

waiting for
the fall of another leaf -
the rest is silence

Autumn Moon Haiku Journal 3:1, Autumn/Winter 2019-2020