Oscar LupariaOscar Luparia

Born 1956 in Vercelli (Italy)
Living in Vercelli (Italy)
He is a trade unionist. Haiku, mountains and photography are his main passions.
Since 2011 till 2019 he has been a member in the jury of the International Haiku Contest established by the Italian association “Cascina Macondo”.
His haiku eBooks are available on: https://issuu.com/oscarluparia.


leaves on the ground –
the battery of my watch
ran out

The Mainichi, March 22, 2020

winter evening –
once it was a game
old hourglass

The Mainichi, February 4, 2019

spring breeze
it does not matter
who I am

The Mainichi, May 13, 2019

from flower to flower
the work of a bee
– Labour Day

The Mainichi, June 2, 2020

sorry I’m late . . .
in my path wisteria
blooming again

The Mainichi, June 14, 2018

cranberries . . .
savoring the summer
on your lips

The Mainichi, September 12, 2018

falling stars –
hung on the railing
a spider’s hope

The Mainichi, May 31, 2019

ants on the move –
the gentle sway
of a dead butterfly

Wales Haiku Journal, Summer 2019

hammock in the shade
I try to welcome
the ant on my leg

Wales Haiku Journal, Summer 2020

old walls –
my shadow and a dead lizard
withering in the sun

Wales Haiku Journal, Summer 2019

planting flowers . . .
a dream for next summer
I put in the pot

Wales Haiku Journal, Spring 2020

with a puff
I’m a kid again

Wales Haiku Journal, Spring 2021

break in continuity –
among my thoughts
wisteria scent

Failed Haiku, Issue 54: June, 2020

blowing dandelions . . .
my blood tests
without asterisks

Failed Haiku, Issue 43: July, 2019

both without sleep . . .
the mosquito tries to do
its work

Failed Haiku, Issue 56: August, 2020

commuters –
old train ticket
as a bookmark

Failed Haiku, Issue 39: March, 2019

pruned vines
a bunch of memories
and tomorrow’s wine

Failed Haiku, Issue 51: March, 2020

unexpected sunny day
I put off window cleaning
once again

Failed Haiku, Issue 65: May, 2021

sunshine after rain
I am still learning
what life is

Failed Haiku, Issue 42: June, 2019

the face mask doesn’t hide
me from myself

Failed Haiku, Issue 64: April, 2021

autumn drizzle
on the desert pond
halos bloom

Stardust Haiku, Issue21: September, 2018

summer solstice
my dreams linger
before sleeping

Chrysanthemum, Issue 28: October, 2020

shadow of a fig tree
I lick slowly
my smeared fingers

Haikuniverse, August 4, 2019

new book –
paper and memories
smell the same

Haikuniverse, July 26, 2020

after Christmas
the balcony decorated
by the rime

DailyHaiga, April 26, 2020

poppy cake
a handful of seeds is enough
to forget winter

DailyHaiga, June 7, 2020

dew in the sun
I caress light
on grass blades

Incense Dreams, Issue 1.3: December, 2017

mind at rest
I hear all the music
of the universe

Incense Dreams, Issue 2.1: March, 2018

beloved peaks
my shadow and a dream
climbing together

Incense Dreams, Issue 1.2: September, 2017

still travelling –
light, in the backpack,
all my dreams

(English translation of a poem published in Italian only)
Le Lumachine, Issue 26: January, 2018

ancient cloister
on the engraved columns
loves last

First Place, Haiku Masters Gallery by NHK World-Japan, week 4, March 2018

apple pie
Snow White hesitates . . .
“I’m on a diet”

Highly Commended, Fifth Annual Jane Reichhold Memorial Haiga Contest, 2020

cherry blossoms –
office deadlines

selected in the Golden Haiku Contest, 2018

sweet surrender . . .
the colors of fall
step by step

Ants on the move, self-published eBook, 2020

your absence
the pomegranate
still in the basket

Ants on the move, self-published eBook, 2020

empty rice fields
the white of a heron
turns into fog

Ants on the move, self-published eBook, 2020

sometimes I miss
attaching a stamp

Ants on the move, self-published eBook, 2020

roasted chestnuts
removing the peel
from distant memories

(English translation of a poem published in Italian only)
First Prize, Premio letterario nazionale di haiku – Edizioni Empirìa, 2010
Also published in the anthology Haiku negli anni, Edizioni Empirìa, 2015

ruined walls –
stillness of the sundial,
the vanishing shadow

(English translation of a poem published in Italian only)
Second Prize, International Haiku Contest in Italian Language by Cascina Macondo, 2009