Barbara StrangBarbara Strang 

Born 1944, Invercargill, New Zealand
Lives at Christchurch, New Zealand

Barbara Strang has been writing haiku for nearly thirty years. Her work has been placed and published in New Zealand and overseas. She has appeared in the last three NZ haiku anthologies, and has produced two long-form poetry books. She’s the leader of the Small White Teapot Haiku Group.

the potatoes burst
into flower

Highly Commended, New Zealand Poetry Society Haiku Competition 1994.
Published as Barbara Williamson in The Old Moon and So On (New Zealand Poetry Society Anthology, 1994) 

wedding day—
the pear tree
sheds petals

The Ordinary Magic (New Zealand Poetry Society anthology 1997)
1st prize in New Zealand Poetry Society’s International Haiku Competition.

you speak of divorce
the morning sun
in your face

Commended in NZPS Haiku Competition
Catching the Rainbow (NZPS anthology 1996)

summer heat—
a small cloud rests
on the hill-top

Highly Commended in NZPS Haiku Competition
Catching the Rainbow (NZPS anthology 1996)

waiting for her birth
one last peach
on the tree

frogpond 25:3, 2002

where you were
      the chill
of the upholstery

frogpond  34:1, 2011

hospice window
fragments of tree
and sky

Kokako 7, September 2007

walking over pebbles
her pocket
grows heavy

Kokako 7, September 2007

children’s voices
the ducks
swim closer

tiny gaps (NZPS anthology 2006)

old pines
each one leans

learning a language (NZPS anthology 2005)
2nd placed in NZPS Haiku Competition 2005

the binoculars
shake in my hands . . .
Jupiter’s moons

Kokako 20 March 2014

nor’west arch
the bones of
a ruined house

scattered feathers (NZPS anthology 2015).
2nd placed in NZPS Haiku Competition 2015

cherry petals
float down

Honourable Mention Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival 2012,
published in Leaving the Red Zone – poems from the Canterbury earthquakes” (Clerestory Press, Christchurch NZ, 2016)

red stickered—
by the front porch
wind chimes ting

Kokako 15, September 2011

ghost suburb
our headlights catch
a broken pane

Highly Commended NZPS Haiku Competition
After the Cyclone (NZPS anthology 2017)

the wavering flight
of a monarch

After the Cyclone (NZPS anthology 2017)

westerly gale
the moth’s feelers

Merit Award  Ito En Oi Ocha New Haiku Contest,
appeared in Jiyu-Katari (Free-Talking), anthology of the contest, 2016

lingering drought
the toddler stares
at rain

Kokako 24, April 2016

beached boat
the lake
inside it

A Savage Gathering
(New Zealand Poetry Society anthology 2002)

listening to her—
the wind finds a way
down my neck

A Savage Gathering
(New Zealand Poetry Society anthology 2002)

they’re no longer
cutting the grass

Commended in NZPS Haiku Competition 2019.
The Perfect Weight of Blankets at Night (New Zealand Poetry Society anthology 2019)

not speaking
the cherry on the fence line
in full bloom

Kokako 30, April 2019

antique mirror
in the basement . . .
my mother’s smile

Haumi ē! Huiē Taikiē! Stay Well Here (NZPS anthology 2020)

twilit garden—
the gauzy wings
of a mosquito

autumn moon journal  4:1, Autumn-Winter 2020-2021