Roy DuffieldRoy Duffield

Country of birth: UK
Year of birth: 1988
Current place of residence: Barcelona, Spain
Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Roy is a man of few words. Said words can be read in Heliosparrow, Quadrant, Failed Haiku, The Crank, Mamba, postscript, Akitsu Quarterly, Silver Stork and The Journal of Wild Culture.


undaunted gull
snaps the last crumbs –
receding land

White Enso Issue 2, Summer 2021

black bough
bent low to the ground –
storm clouds

White Enso Issue 2, Summer 2021

out of thin air/
          the blue-blanketed rider:
Lesotho shepherd

the QuillS Issue 8, June 2021

                           golden beams
stripe the glade, the path
          the zebra herd

Heliosparrow January 2021

oak leaves
smushed underfoot –
no crunch

White Enso Issue 2, Summer 2021