Antonietta Losito

Born 1969 in Mottola, Puglia, Italy.
Currently living in Mottola, Puglia, Italy.
Antonietta Losito is a philosophy teacher who lives in Puglia, Italy.
She wrote her first haiku in 2013 for the XXVII National Literary Haiku Contest 2013 organized by Empiria Edition and the Japan Institute of Culture (Roma), ranked ninth place.


the sweet surrender
of morning dew

Wales Haiku Journal - Winter 2022 Issue

sudden shower ―
my patio chair provides
a conference room for sparrows

Chrysanthemum #29 - April 2021

sprawling herb garden
the days I can't get over
being older

der Kräutergarten dehnt sich aus —
Tage, an denen es mir schwer fällt
alt zu sein

Chrysanthemum #27 - April 2020

my thoughts unspool
the roundness
of lotus leaves

Wales Haiku Journal Autumn 2020 Issue

winter dawn –
the mist rising on
an unruffled lake

Wales Haiku Journal, Winter 2019 Issue

melting snow -
the wild smell
of the river

The Heron's Nest, Volume XXI, Number2, June 2019

bitter cold -
the glazed look in the eyes
of a manikin

Failed Haiku - A Journal of English Senryu - Volume 5, Issue 59

childhood home
from a crack crawls
an icy wind

Haiku Commentary, May 2019

autumn walk
trying to exchange my breath
with trees

Haiku Commentary, December 2019

a long winter -
just the noise of my spoon
in the soup

The Heron's Nest, Volume XX, Number 4, December 2018

dandelion —
I'm the breeze
that moves it

Heron's Nest , Volume XXII, Number 1, March 2020

pilgrimage ...
on the way a snake discards
his outer layer

UtB 2020

the television perpetually on autumn deepens

Wales Haiku Journal, Winter 2021 Issue

suspended time —
naming the grasses by the sound
they make in wind

Gratitude in the Time of COVID-19 The Haiku Hecameron (Scott Mason Editor, Girasole Press 2020)