Neena SinghNeena Singh

Born 1956 at Lucknow, (Uttar Pradesh) India
Living at Chandigarh, India

Neena is a banker turned poet. Her poetry and haiku are regularly featured in online journals and international magazines. She is the author of Whispers of the Soul and One Breath Poetry. Neena runs a non-profit for the education and health of underprivileged children in Chandigarh, India.

Blog: Whispers of the Soul



crawling through the weight a baby snail

under the basho, 3rd September 2020

new moon
mother's story remains

Presence, Issue #68, November 2020

rain bath
shedding the dust
a peacock's cry

The Heron's Nest, Volume XXIII, Number 4:: December 2021

night of longing . . .
one cicada serenades
the forest

Presence, issue #71, December 2021

autumn dusk . . .
only my shadow
walks with me

Autumn Moon Haiku Journal 5.1, Autumn /Winter 2021-2022

fading light
makes gourds glow
harvest moon

Autumn Moon Haiku Journal 5.1, Autumn /Winter 2021-2022

north wind
trying to forget
mother's lullaby

hedgerow, #136, December 2021

last train home . . .
the fishmonger’s basket
filled with potatoes

Frogpond, issue #45:1, Winter 2022

paddy field—
silhouettes still bent
at day’s end

tsuri-dōrō, #7 Jan/Feb 2022

are you alone too
this autumn eve

The Cicada's Cry, Autumn 2021

fading twilight
Basho's crow still perched
on a bare branch

kontinuum, Volume 1 Number 2, January 2022

a moment's reflection
in the river

Modern Haiku, #53.1, February 2022

sleepless too . . .
a katydid somewhere
in the darkness

World Haiku Review, Winter 2021/22, February 2022

flowing river . . .
I so wish to be a fish
among the fish

The Heron’s Nest Volume XXIV, Number 1: March, 2022

autumn dusk
an old friend's hand
in mine

Third Place, THF Monthly Kukai, April 2021 (theme - trust)

autumn breeze
ruffles the reeds . . .
almost birdsong

Commended haiku, Katikati Contest 2021 New Zealand

bird feeder —
a chickadee's beak
laced with snow

Honorable Mention, THF Monthly Kukai, January 2022, ( theme - snow)