Mike FreilingMike Freiling

Born: 1950, San Francisco, CA
Living in: Kyoto, Japan and Vancouver, WA

Website: www.shimenawa.org
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Bio: Mike was a co-founder of MIT’s literary magazine Rune (1976), and a Henry Luce Scholar at Kyoto University (1977). In addition to haiku, Mike translates both classical and contemporary Japanese poetry, and writes on topics including contemporary life, culture, economics, and the search for Transcendence.


you didn’t call –
alone I chew this cabbage
and teardrop rice

Rune, Volume 1, 1976

long after sunset
I wait for you at Sanjo
counting stars as they appear

Writers in Kyoto Anthology #3, 2019

nine by twelve they rang
crowds departed, icy breath
emptiness restored

Writers in Kyoto Anthology #3, 2019

hesitating sun
reveals crags and spider webs
– far off, a temple bell

seashores, Volume 3, November 2019

sunset colors darken –
out of nowhere
a crescent moon

HSA Anthology, 2019

three o’clock am –
soft footsteps
on the cold hard floor

Seabeck Anthology, 2019

home schooling done now –
worn corners
of the wooden stool

Seabeck Anthology, 2020

fat white bird
nibbles early berries
branch bowing under weight

Writers in Kyoto Anthology #4, 2021

parting mothers
voice a crescendo
of bye-bye’s and mata-ne’s

Writers in Kyoto Anthology #4, 2021