Billie WilsonBillie Wilson

(born August 1, 1941, Lafayette, Indiana, U.S.A.) is a long-time member of the Haiku Society of America, and served several terms as Regional Coordinator for the Alaska Region. Since 2003, she has coordinated the annual haiku competition honoring her first mentor, Robert Spiess. She helped create and care for The Haiku Foundation's Haiku Registry (2009-2018). She served as Associate Editor for The Heron’s Nest (2011 - 2017). Some of her awards include the Harold G. Henderson Memorial Award, the Gerald Brady Memorial Award, and The Heron's Nest Readers' Choice Poem of the Year. She has resided in Juneau, Alaska, since 1962.


the ferry slows
through Wrangell Narrows
meteor showers begin

Frogpond XXII:3, 1999

3:00 a.m.
through sounds of winter rain
the mail plane landing

A New Resonance 3: Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku, Red Moon Press, 2003

fruitstand apples
the rich smell of horses
on my hands

to find the words, HSA Northwest Region Members’ Anthology, 2000

deep winter
a man outside the market
feeds crows from his hand

The Heron's Nest II:12, 2000

pink lemonade
the taffeta rustle
of cottonwoods

South by Southeast 10:2, 2003

mud-spattered pickup—
four dogs watch
the tavern door

The Heron’s Nest III:2, 2001

the first flakes of snow
drifting down on the wetlands
Canada geese

The Heron's Nest IV:11, 2002

winter rain
the clock chimes three quarters
past some dark hour

South by Southeast 9:3, 2002

an open book
on the old porch swing—
first fireflies

Acorn 6, 2001

early autumn
the path to the waterfall
willowed with gold

Haiku Light, September 2001

freezing wind—
the body builder pumps gas
in a muscle shirt

First Place, Gerald Brady Memorial Awards, 2001

where the barn stood
a rusty plow
in the bindweed

Acorn 9, 2002

rumble of thunder—
slicing just-picked peaches
for the pie

Mayfly 33, 2002 (selected for cover of Mayfly 34)

no wind tonight
across this reach of prairie
all those stars

Highly-commended, James W. Hackett International Haiku Award, 2001

winter nears—
in the dog's eyes
the wolf

The Heron's Nest Award IV:12, 2002

flattened grass
where the bear slept
stink of salmon

The Heron's Nest IV:8, 2002

an avalanche roars
down Thunder Mountain—
first crocus

Haiku Headlines Vol. 15, No. 1, April 2002

choosing a melon—
a song so old
I forget why I cry

Frogpond XXV:3, 2002

no wind today
the cottonwoods
speak in chickadee

Editor's Choice, The Heron's Nest VI:3, 2004

supper cooking—
a wind with storm in it
comes through the wheat

The Heron’s Nest V:8, 2003

storm warnings—
the deep blue reach
of delphiniums

First Place (Season Word), Hawaii Education Assn.,2002

from a beach near Savoonga—
winter rain

First Place, Harold G. Henderson Award, 2003

prairie dusk—
the rustle of field mice
wintering in

Winner, Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar Competition, 2003

trail's end—
the taste of wild onion
still sharp on my tongue

The Heron's Nest VI:3, 2005

same old argument
she pulls silk
from the sweetcorn

Mayfly 37, 2004

chilly evening
the wine full of summer
in a far country

Mariposa 11, 2004

Valentine's Day
he tells me I'm number one
on his speed dial

Frogpond XXIX:1, 2006

spring day
the pup brings a different stick
from the thicket

Snapshots 12, 2006

sun tea darkens—
bees in the hollyhocks
all afternoon

Acorn 16, 2006

that whale I could have touched
surfaces again
in my mind

Mariposa 15, 2006

retreating glacier—
how long since we've heard
the black wolf's song

Modern Haiku 38:1, 2007

winter wind—
a cradlesong sung
in an ancient tongue

The Heron's Nest Award VIII:4, 2006; Readers' Choice Poem of the Year

prairie morning
only bluebells
only sky

Winner, The Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar Competition 2007

pale moon   the thinning of days into winter

Acorn 20, 2008

wind from a raven's wing
brushes my arm
shadows on snow

Acorn 22, 2009

campfire sparks—
someone outside the circle
starts another song

The Heron's Nest Award II:2, 2010; Readers' Choice Poem of the Year

Bohemian waxwings—
and I didn't even have
a bucket list

Close to the Wind, Press Here, 2013
Winner, The Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar Competition 2014

rain becomes sleet
the secrets
we take to the grave

Mariposa 31, 2014

truck stop
we try to imagine
what Lewis and Clark saw

muttering thunder 2, 2015

the eons I was not here
the eons I won't be
winter stars

Acorn 37, Fall 2016

one pine siskin
pecks at the thistle
winter dusk

Mariposa 37, 2017

first spring day
whatever it is
that wags a dog's tail

A Moment’s Longing: Haiku Society of America Members’ Anthology 2019

false spring
have I ever been

Mariposa 44, 2021

midnight sun
the dog’s presence everywhere
he used to be

Modern Haiku 52.3 (2021);
string theory: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku