Angie Werren

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nearly spring –
a shadow of the words
you left behind

tinywords 14.1


there is nothing to do but keep still howling wind

tinywords 13.3


new year's day –
I let the tea steep
a little longer

issa's untidy hut



a child's voice –
the sound
when the papers fell

cattails (haibun)


yellow leaves moon
I climb the mountain but
you’ve already gone

cattails (haibun)


a tree falls
only the wood ear

FungiFama - Vol. 15, Issue 1


crow watching –
the unseen tree branch suddenly

across the haikuverse - no. 28


cold wind
the front and back
of my hand

the zen space - spring 2012 showcase 


abandoned lot
somewhere there are birds
like these

haiku news - vol. 1 no. 33


news of your death
when I open my eyes
green leaves

tinywords - issue 12.1
butterfly dream (death news) - neverending story