Laura "Lolly" Williams

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ghost tales . . .
the sound of the house
settling in

The Way of Haiku, Sept 2014


moon viewing . . .
the luna moth and I

hedgerow, October 2, 2014 #2 issue


autumn shelter
a scarecrow's coat pocket fills
with wren song

hedgerow, October 31, 2014


watching a new wave grow old ... flock of seagulls

brass bell september 2014


winter ennui coming down with a slight touch of clouds

Frogpond, issue 37:1


all that remains ... frost on the blackberry brambles

hedgerow, Issue #7


roadside cross...
another gathering
of teddy bears

A Hundred Gourds, December 2013


winter chill . . .
the summer down under
the covers

A Hundred Gourds, December 2013


yellow cottonwoods
the sunsets lingering
less and less

Shamrock, #26


rice candy
childhood dissolving
on my tongue

Under the Basho, Autumn 2013


morning flight . . .
the whistling twitter
of dove wings


wandering moth losing myself in your sweater




dew frost
a spider nets the edge
of winter


foggy morning
the sound of a name
not ringing a bell


spring equinox
no difference between
night and day


end of summer
a new coolness
between the sheets