Pamela A. Babusci

Born 1950 in Rochester, New York, USA
Living in Rochester, New York, USA
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autumn equinox . . .
the last sip
of chrysanthemum tea

Magnapoets 3 (January 2009)


i climb the mountain with my eyes never ending snow



Museum of Haiku Literature Award  Frogpond 17:4 (winter 1994)
and One Breath (Haiku Society of America Members’ Anthology 1995)


lonely tonight i drink all the moonbeams



Frogpond 18:1 (spring 1995)
and dew-on-line 4 (2002)


before the monk

& his walking stick

ageless mountain


60th Ueno Bashô Festival Contest (2006), Selected Haiku
and Mie Times 81 (December 2006–January 2007)


long rainy season —

reading the Kama Sutra

alone in bed


Frogpond 24:2 (2001)
and Erotic Haiku Book


night of silence

i find a river stone

in my pocket


11th HIA Haiku Contest (2009), Honorable Mention
and Akita International Haiku Network Web site


on the waterlily

remains of a dragonfly …

morning stillness


Evergreen English Haiku 12:4 (April 2002)


rain beating my umbrella i stop to gaze at tiger lilies



Frogpond 20:2 (September 1997)


winter mountains

i lose myself

in whiteness


Anita Sadler Weiss Memorial Haiku Awards 2009,
3rd Place


zen garden …

within each pebble



Reeds 2 (2004)


autumn evening …

adding another star

to the Milky Way


The Heron's Nest 10:4 (December 2008)
In memoriam, William J. Higginson


bamboo whisk …

the tea master’s

fluid hands


HPNC Contest: Honorable Mention 2002
and Edge of Night (Red Moon Anthology 2003)


changing kimonos

between seasons…

my ordinary life


1st R.H. Blyth Award (World Haiku Club) 2002,
Honorable mention World Haiku Review 2:2 (July 2002)
1st With Words International Haiku Contest    Third Place (2008)


Christmas songs


the loneliness


Hummingbird 10:2 (December 1999)


deep autumn …

walking barefoot

on my mother's grave


White Lotus 9 (fall/winter 2009)