Lorin Ford

Born 1947 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Living in Brunswick, Victoria, Australia
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summer grasses
the pup follows his nose
until the echidna

haijinx, June/Dec. 2010

heat shimmer
a stick on the verge
of snake

The Heron’s Nest Volume XIX, Number 2: June 2017

heat lightning –
Christmas beetles
spangle the fly screen

The Heron’s Nest Volume XIII, Number 1: March 2011

a glimpse of the puppeteer’s

tinywords Issue 17.1 | 14 April 2017

under Sirius
  a spark
    in the arsonist’s eye

FreeXpresSion Vol. XXI- issue 9 September 2014

bushfire moon . . .
the calligraphy
of charred trees

Simply Haiku: Spring 2006, vol 4 no 1

wildlife triage –
  spot fires flicker
    in a possum’s eye

10th paper wasp Jack Stamm Anthology, ‘kitchen window’, Oct. 2009

beyond the black stump a shiver of ghost gums

tinywords Issue 14.1 | 24 April 2014


a smear of sun
through smoke haze
the few slow bees

FreeXpression, vol. XIV issue 2 Feb. 2007

smoke haze
the valley I return to
in my dreams

Echidna Tracks, September 16, 2020

our barefoot days again blue flax berries

Presence #62, Nov. 2018

a cloud becomes a cat th e dr i f t of th in g s

Presence #68, Nov. 2020

harvest moon
the horizon between here
and hereafter

1st Prize—Katikati Haiku Competition, 2012


a last year’s lambskin where mushrooms gather dusk   
1st prize—Katikati Haiku Competition, 2014


dusk on the river the bunyip’s cold breath
Windfall #4, January 2016


feeling for the pulse deep winter
Runner-Up—HaikuNow! Haiku Contest, 2013 (Contemporary Category)


mother’s secrets . . .
I prise open
a dozen oysters                
1st Prize—FreeXpresSion Haiku Competition, 2014


shifting mist
a rocky outcrop
of wallabies

The Heron’s Nest, Volume XVI, Number 4, December 2014


no regrets
about rushing into it –
blossom wind                    
Shamrock Haiku Journal #26, December 2013 (voted “best haiku”.  Shamrock Haiku Journal Readers' Choice Awards 2013)


Modern Haiku  45.2, 2014


she waves a thin blue scarf becoming sky  
tinywords 15.2, October 15 2015


homecoming –
one by one the pier lights
flicker on
Presence #48, June 2013


the earth moves –
snails in love

Modern Haiku 40.3, autumn 2009


where creek willows weave the sunlight ducklings

tinywords 11.2, October 2011


rusted hinge
the butterfly’s wings
close, open …

1st place paper wasp Jack Stamm Award, 2005


chrysalis …
what will be
will be

The Heron's Nest Volume XIV, Number 4: December, 2012


just the rhythm
of my glass bangles –
spring rain

Presence #46, July 2012


summer night’s dream –
mosquitoes come humming
through the crack

Modern Haiku 43.2, Summer, 2012


seashells –
I sort through
my childhood

The Heron’s Nest, Volume X, Number 2: June 2008


turn of the tide –
the sea taking back
its jellyfish

Simply Haiku, vol. 6, no. 3, August 2008


with a flashlight
we search for spiders’ eyes –
the dark between stars

Presence #42, June 2010


after bushfires the one cicada end of summer

Presence #39, September 2009


shorter days –
a flurry of dragonflies
riding dragonflies

Modern Haiku 41.3, Autumn 2010


their wings like cellophane remember cellophane

Roadrunner, issue IX:2, March 2009
( ‘Scorpion Prize’ for issue, judged by Ron Silliman)


day moon
    the dish rag
    wearing thin

Acorn #22, Fall 2009


the photo album
full of strangers’ faces –
sea-fog rolling in

Modern Haiku 42.2, Summer 2011


where ancient cedars stood the ache the blue sky mine

Frogpond 35.2, Spring/ Summer 2012