Sonam Chhoki


mourning dove
in mother’s guava tree
who are you calling?

Acorn Spring 2016


reticent neighbor  . . .
red hibiscus trumpets
spill from his fence

Acorn Spring 2014


New year dawn --
we cross the old stone bridge
to the new temple

A Hundred Gourds 1:2, December 2011


end of term play --
with a halo around his head
Buddha forgets his words

A Hundred Gourds: 1:2 March 2012


mask dance rehearsal -
peering from the cupboard
a row of gods

A Hundred Gourds 2:3, June 2013


supermoon riding home the Yamaha

A Hundred Gourds 3:1, December 2013


dzong ruins . . .
the red cotoneasters
redder in the rain

A Hundred Gourds 3:4, September 2014


Caught in the spider's web
cherry blossom petals
late spring rain

August 6 2010


Winter offering
on the family altar
skull cup of wine

Asahi November 19. 2010


walking into the distance
last day of the year

 Asahi December  17. 2010


Mumbai commute
each train window
colored with people

Wild Plum, Spring 2015


Dochula Pass--
white magnolia
prayer flags

Asahi March 18 2011


solstice offering —
ravens flock to the temple
the clang of cymbals

Asahi  20 June 2014


so many eyes –
bobbing on the river
a piece of driftwood

Contemporary Haibun Online, in haibun titled 'Paro Tsechu’, October 2010 vol 6 no.3


cave temple –
eyes of Meditating Buddha
in lightning flashes

Contemporary Haibun Online, in Haibun titled, Looking for Words, October 2010 vol 6 no. 3


all along the path
to the Tsepegma* temple –
hemlocks in bloom

*Tsepegma (Tibetan SA-PA-MAY) - Buddha of Long Life.
Contemporary Haibun Online, in Haibun titled Gray May, April 1, 2011, vol 7 no. 1


the night still to come
a comma after Venus
first crescent at dusk  
Contemporary Haibun Online, in Haibun titled The Wisdom of the Dark, July 1, 2012, vol 8, no. 2


anniversary . . .
the perfidious joy
of field flowers

Contemporary Haibun Online, in Haibun titled, The Botany of Dreams,  July 2014, vol 10 no. 2


ultrasound scan
I rearrange
my dreams

Third Place, Third Annual Peggy Willis Lyles Haiku Awards, 2015  Heron’s Nest, Red Moon Anthology 2015


passing breeze -
white buddleia blooms
spread butterfly wings

Haibun Today, in Haibun titled, The Lure of the Threshold, Volume 7, Number 4, December 2013


temple steps
a man with a snake
offers to tell my future

Heron's Nest, December 2010


clinic waiting room -
beyond the window blinds
more wall

Heron's Nest, March 2011


Taj Mahal -
young vendors offer me
replicas in clay

Magnapoets, Issue 7 January 2011


first light
in the valley—
plum blossoms
Mainichi, May 5, 2011,  Honourable Mention Best Haiku 2011


listening to my dentist plan
his New Year party

Multiverse 1.1 2012


last light -
new-born calves call out
in their own shadows

Notes from the Gean, December 2011


oncology ward -
she dreams of riding
the black sun

Notes from the Gean, January 2013


revolving door —
I complete my statement
on the pavement

Presence #45, 2011


as if
the snail’s own is not enough
it tries a walnut shell

Presence #47 2012


feathering of clouds —
bulbuls circle and call
to fly south

Presence #47 2012


dissolves into whiteness –
first black-necked cranes

Shamrock 24 2013


night border crossing 
the elephant calf holds
his mother's tail

Shamrock 26 2013; Touchstone Individual Poem Award, 2013


passing breeze –
the unexpected gift 
of a banyan leaf

Shamrock 26 2013


first rain releasing held breath of summer

From a haiga, Tinywords 13.3, 2013


stolen wombs -
the wind brings only dust
to the village well

Haiku News January 2013; Chrysanthemum 14, October 2013Haiku 2014, ed. Lee Gurga and Scott Metz


prayers at dawn -
incense of petrol fumes 
for the gods

Chrysanthemum 14, October 2013


after chemo 
glimpsing the full moon
in the first crescent

Under the Basho Autumn 2013


full moon -
darkness flickers at each turn
of the prayer wheel

Under the Basho Autumn 2013


summer laundry . . . 
from a pillowcase
a butterfly

Under the Basho Spring/Summer 2014


field of chillies -
how calmly deer graze
the moonlight

Under the Basho Spring/Summer 2014


sleepless . . .
a moth chases its shadow
around the bedroom

Under the Basho Spring/Summer 2014


a bomb scare
grounds flights in the valley -
how loudly birds sing

Under the Basho Spring/Summer 2014


her broken face . . . 
the iridescent blue
of ripened plums

Under the Basho Spring/Summer 2014


late night ambulance -
rain on the windscreen louder
than his heartbeat

Under the Basho 2014


prayers at dawn
a fly traces the letters
of the Heart Sutra

World Haiku Review August 2013


after the storm
with crisscrossing stitch
house martins sew the sky

World Haiku Review August 2013


wind-shaped gorse
the rise and fall 
of a lammergeier’s call

Frogpond Fall 2015 issue


waterfall of lichen
deep in the mountain forest
a musk deer calls

haiku from haibun, ‘Mining Memories’; Grand Prix Genjuan Haibun International Competition 2015


60 aftershocks
and still the bulbuls sing
in the temple ruins

NEPAL EARTHQUAKE HAIKU 2015, The Haiku Foundation


full chested moon
the cruel solitude
of a long haul

Shamrock  No. 32. October, 2015


coach window -
her face moves through trees
in the morning sun

Magnapoets Issue 6, July 2010


death anniversary shadows stretch into the mountains

Acorn October 2010


dawn mist
crows pick at the offerings
in the temple courtyard

 Modern Haiku 41.3 Fall 2010


between sips
of warm ara . . .
harvest moon

Simply Haiku Winter 2010


fly on the pane on the bobbing bamboo

Concluding haiku in the haibun, Mapping,  Haibun Today, December 2010


the fullness
of a white lily and
a bee's hum

Simply Haiku Spring 2011


summer rite -
a mouse drinks saffron water
from the offering bowl

Asahi Shimbun, June 2011


first summer rose
in each drop of dew
a new thorn

Honorable Mention Mainichi Haiku Contest 2011


on a piece of torn prayer flag
a stray puppy

Concluding haiku in Za Prize haibun, Last Journey, Kikakuza Haibun Contest, 2011


first day of winter --
on a broken weather vane
a crow pointing south

Multiverse 2011


winter sun -
between telling fortunes
the healer picks lice

Presence  # 45 2011


on the wings
of black-necked cranes
first snow

A Hundred Gourds 1:1 December 2011


meatless month -
the butcher too lights
butter lamps

Frogpond Vol 34. 2011


Ensui's Girls' Day haiku
I mourn the child we lost

Asahi Shimbun, March 2012


waiting for a friend -
a pigeon struts up and down
the wet pavement

Shamrock No. 23, 2012


Wandgiphodrang dzong *--
the full moon fills holes
in the charred walls

*Wangdiphodrang fortess built by the founder of Bhutan, Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel in 1638, built down ·on 24-25th June 2012.
A Hundred Gourds 2:1 December 2012


from the smoke
shaking moon

We Are All Japan Anthology 2012