Marcus LiljedahlMarcus Liljedahl

Born 1972 in Malmö, Sweden
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Marcus Liljedahl lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. His poetry has appeared in Modern Haiku, Frogpond, The Heron’s Nest, Bottle Rockets, Noon, Bones, is/let, Under The Basho, Otoliths, and others. Marcus haiku was included in the anthologies Haiku 2015 and Haiku 2016, edited by Scott Metz and Lee Gurga. He was also one of 17 poets to appear in A New Resonance 10, edited by Jim Kacian and Dee Evetts. He is the author of the e-chapbook War Zone.


stained glass the grip of a stone reopens the scab

Otoliths, issue 37, autumn 2015

touching you the thin threads of a worn out dream

Bottle Rockets, issue 33

no word for paradise the language of Kalashnikovs

Bones Journal, issue 5, november 2014

between borders the hunger of stitched mouths

Bones Journal, issue 5, november 2014

floating down the river of hands a fleet of baby coffins

Bones Journal, issue 5, november 2014

grey morning
a pair of seagulls
balance the sky

Modern Haiku, 45:2

pushing stones the tug of dreams and compulsion

Sonic Boom issue 3, august 2015

enter Kali a dark hull drifting among footnotes

Sonic Boom issue 3, august 2015

war zone an ancient god’s disfigured face

Frogpond, 38:2, Spring/summer, 2015

when you
we return to

Under The Basho – Ku, 2020

in the east end of our dna a sun god will rise again

Under The Basho – one-line haiku, 2020

from time to time a blank slate flies to close to the sun

Under The Basho – one-line haiku, 2020

childhood letters open meadows without doors or windows

Under The Basho – one-line haiku, 2020

deep in my bones

sing no more lies

NOON | journal for the short poem, issue 12, oktober 2016

her head

on the

that weeps

in flight

is/let may, 2020

while playing
his part

the eye of Horus
slips from

the palm
of his hand

is/let may, 2020

standing where the tribe becomes an ocean astray

Under The Basho – one-line haiku, 2015

in her tightly closed hand a room without dawns

Under The Basho – one-line haiku, 2015

between distance and closeness the language of birds

Otoliths, issue 34, winter 2014

sleeping with false prophets I reach for a thread of sun gods