S.M. Abeles

Born  New Jersey, USA
Living in Washington, D.C., USA
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where I end
and you begin
stroke of midnight
 big data: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku, 2014 (edited by Jim Kacian & the Red Moon Editorial Staff)





Haiku 2014 --100 notable haiku from 2013 from Modern Haiku Press (S. Metz and L. Gurga eds.)
First published in Moongarlic (Vol. 1)


a bomb
somewhere underfoot
the new moon
Haiku 2015 -- 100 notable haiku from 2014 from Modern Haiku Press (S. Metz and L. Gurga eds.)
First published in Modern Haiku (Vol. 45.3)


billiard balls
on worn felt –
the rain
The Heron's Nest (Vol. XVI, No. 2)


billions of molecules
in this sip of coffee
Modern Haiku (Vol. 45.2)


yard sale
one divorcee
lightly worn
Modern Haiku (Vol. 45.3)


the first bite
is all I want
wild pear
*Runner-up, Best Senryu, 2014 Shamrock Haiku Journal Readers Choice Awards
**First published in Shamrock (Vol. 27)


glowing embers
in an empty beer can . . .
starry night
Presence (No. 50)


no matter how I try to dilute you absinthe
Frogpond (Vol. 37.2)


petal by petal the yellow rose on her inner thigh
Frogpond (Vol. 38.2)

a handgun found
among my father's things ...
autumn begins
*Published in Under the Basho, (Issue 2, Personal Best Section)
** First published in Modern Haiku (Vol. 46.1)

pressed flower
I remember
being beautiful

 The Shiki 11th Annual Poets Choice Kukai -- First Place, Kigo Category


ghost town

a street dog laps

the Milky Way


Shiki Kukai -- September 2013 -- First Place


the way I know

that you are coming

blossom rain


European Kukai -- Spring 2013 -- Second Place
this world, Haiku Society of America 2013 Members Anthology



into the distance

the cafe car barista's

cinnamon eyes


Daily Haiku, Cycle 15


nightingales --

two little girls

braid moonlight


Daily Haiku -- Cycle 15



one click of the Zippo

I'm a rock star again


Notes From The Gean No. 20



these old men

who say they knew

my father


Notes From The Gean No. 21


all the magic

you attribute to me ...



Under the Basho, Issue 1


deeper cuts

in the cutting board

the ways I've changed


Under the Basho, Issue 1


moonless night --

I settle for

the idea of her


Frogpond, Vol. 36.2


high noon ...

a child chalks an outline

around my shadow


Frogpond, Vol. 36.3


long walk

to no place special

rucksack moon


Modern Haiku volume 44.3


wings rattling --

I wake from another

butterfly dream


Lakeview International Journal, Vol. 1, No. 2


old neighborhood

I inhale

my ghost


The Herons Nest, Volume XVI, Number 3


softer grass

in the retelling

we are barefoot


Acorn No. 31


icy breaths --

half my life spent

reliving the past


World Haiku Review - December 2012


my father’s footsteps the size of every morning



World Haiku Review December 2012


dusty road --

where handsome parted

from this stranger


Notes From The Gean No. 14 - December 2012


day moon

I wasn’t made

for these times


Presence #47


dry leaves

the way my heart rustles

when she walks


Frogpond Issue 35.3 


tide pool

I dip my toes into



With Cherries On Top -- 31 Flavors from NaHaiWriMo


just when I thought

she was out of my head



nothing in the window: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2012
Frogpond, Issue 35.2


winter breaths

and many other things

I’d just as soon forget


Prune Juice Issue 8, April 2012



I cup you quick

my last match

in a windy life


Prune Juice Issue 8, April 2012