Sheila Windsor

Born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, U.K.
Living in Bexhill, East Sussex, U.K.
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calling each other
the free owl and the captive
unable to sleep

First Place – The BHS James W Hackett International Award 1998


it’s getting late
every sound
might be you

Runner-up – still – The Haiku Award 1998


single wisp of cloud
vapour trail
somewhere a cricket

Runner-up – still – The Haiku Award 1998


finding the bathroom
by moonlight
the cry of the fox

Runner-up – still – The Haiku Award 1999


into snow the crow prints mine

First Prize – The Herb Barrett Award 2001


October sun
a warm greenhouse tomato
settles in my palm

Highly commended - Haiku Presence Award 2001


bedroom curtains
apart just enough
crescent moon

First Prize – Kaji Aso Studio 2001
also published Hawaii Education Assoc. Anthology


winter trees
each day
more sky

First Prize – The 6th Shiki Commemorative Kukai 2001


swaying and dancing
shadows of leaves
on the piano lid

The New Haiku – 2002


red balloon until there’s only blue

First Prize – The Herb Barrett Award 2002
also published: RAW NerVZ


if i spin this globe faster we merge youandi

The cover of RAW NerVZ – Spring 2002
with ink drawing by Mark Windsor


hoar frost
the dead spider drawn
into a star

Second Prize – The Kamakura Shrine One Verse Competition – 2004


fireflies the space between stars

Commended – Haiku Presence Award 2004


funeral day
the cherry blossoms
about to break

Honourable mention – Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitational 2008


lullaby . . .
a turtle tracks back
to the ocean

First Prize – The Svetlana Marisova Memorial Kukai 2012