John Kinory


the grass stiff with frost—

from under the bridge

pale geese drift into moonlight


Haiku Presence


mist on the lake—

heron ripples

swallow fish ripples




harvest moon …

with each rocking of the last ferry

the green faces



roadside café—

on the flatbed truck

bits of a fairground


Blithe Spirit


distant clouds—

the batsman slowly

shifts his weight


Yellow Moon


halfway across the bridge

a lone cyclist

vanishes into fog




sea-wall the wind presses us together





midday heat

the heron’s world

in a ripple


Heron’s Nest


dirty grey afternoon crumble with last year’s blackberries



Modern Haiku


Grand Canyon

we choose a brooch

for her mother


Modern Haiku


perhaps next year

she says …

autumn mist





I pretend her smile

is for me




insomnia I develop an allergy to middle C



Blithe Spirit


pale sun—

the girls in the market

try on velvet hats


Haiku Presence