Stevie Strang


wilderness trail

that one moment

I felt lost


HSA Anthology 2013


zen garden

a silent moon follows

my footsteps



into the woods

colour of wind


*with respects to Walden


lazy afternoon

the sound of the stream

repeating itself


Anita Sadler Weiss Awards 2010 Second Honorary Award


every day

a new moon



my paint brush

knows no bounds

paper moon


SCHSG Anthology 2013


all the shadows

in a yellow poppy

full moon


morning walk

around the lake

drifting in and out

of shadows




the threat of war


rain all night

the scent of eucalyptus

in my dreams


3rd place Nov 2011 Shiki Haiku


after the sunset


more sunset


spring breeze

the smooth curve

of your hat


autumn loneliness

the sound of rain

when it's not raining


2010 SCHSG Anthology


heat wave

an oak leaf curls

into itself


plowing the earth

where the barn used to be

winters end


5th place March 2010 Shiki Haiku
2010 SCHSG Anthology