Robert Kania

Born 1964 in Opole Lubelskie, Poland
Living in Warsaw, Poland
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Robert Kania


butterfly -

I remember 



The Heron's Nest - Volume XVI, Number 1: March 2014


winter wind 

no cold 

in a white veil


Diogen Winter Contest 2013 – first prize for senryu



in Iceland - 

hot or cold game


Asahi Haikuist Network – January 31, 2014


Cold morning -

a doe is running

from shot to shot


Asahi Haikuist Network – January 31, 2014


First cry -

I wish "Happy New Year"

to my newborn


Asahi Haikuist Network – January 17, 2014


melting snow

another hope

to fall in love


World Haiku Review, January 2014 - first place for neo-classical haiku


New Year

an old man smiles at

a newborn


Asahi Haikuist Network – January 03, 2014


an old apple tree


instead of fruits


15th HIA Haiku Contest 2013 – Prize Winner


late love -





A Hundred Gourds 2:4 September 2013


the asphalt jungle


on the twentieth floor



Diogen Summer 2013 Haiku Contest - honorable mention


Painting a still life -

in the moonlight

leaning sunflower



Asahi Haikuist Network - August 30, 2013


ruins of the castle - 

wild flowers

in the ballroom



Caribbean Kigo Kukai, May 2013 - second place



a tourist from Japan

looking for a flower shop



Asahi Haikuist Network - May 31, 2013


Anatomy lesson


on the teacher's face



Asahi Haikuist Network - May 17, 2013


On a long hike

rain catches me

in a mountain hut



Asahi Haikuist Network - May 3, 2013



a sandstorm...


only in the hourglass



The Mainichi - April 8, 2013


The loss 

a mother listens for

her son's breath



Asahi Haikuist Network – April 5, 2013


change of weather - 

all cars in the parking 

snowy white



World Haiku Review, December 2012


near the mine

blacker and blacker 

the snowman


World Haiku Review, December 2012
NeverEnding Story - May 6, 2013


olives - 

my summer memories


from a jar


wedding bouquet

in the black-and-white photo

loses colour


Night with kirsch-

homeless raises a toast

to the moon



Asahi Haikuist Network – October 19, 2012