Collin Barber

Born 1974 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Living in Marion, Arkansas, USA
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autumn morning

I still have the tooth

I lost in my dream


Frogpond XXIX:3, autumn 2006


rural sky—

what other worlds

have a Beethoven?


Frogpond XXXV:3, autumn 2012


the shapes of clouds . . .

 neither one of us

   is right


Roadrunner VII:3, August 2007



the familiar lip

of a cold bottle


Chrysanthemum Issue 1, April 2007


honeymoon over my suntan peels


Frogpond XXX:1, winter 2007


morning chill—

I move to her side

of the argument


Modern Haiku 38.3, autumn 2007



holding a bite

through the prayer


The Heron’s Nest XI:1, March 2009


flowered wallpaper

the splatter of blood

from a mosquito


Contemporary Haibun Online 3:3, September 2007



starless night

I crush the emptiness

from a soda can


The Heron’s Nest X:3, September 2008



telling a child

about death


The Heron’s Nest XI:3, September 2009


freshly cut grass

clings to my socks . . .

first beer


Frogpond XXX:3, autumn 2007



moonlight on a piano

no one plays


Modern Haiku 40.2, summer 2009


another first date . . .

I fail again

to be myself


The Shiki Monthly Kukai, September 2006


a bottle pauses

then rolls again

evening chill


Acorn Issue 18, spring 2007


muddy pond

I play the role of a ghost

to fish


The Heron’s Nest XII:3, September 2010