David Serjeant

Born 1971 in Manchester, United Kingdom
Living in Chesterfield, United Kingdom

art gallery
a toddler stoops
to watch a spider

Blithe Spirit 16:3


lifeless bumblebee
the ground around it
darkens with raindrops

Heron's Nest XII:2


dusting the corners
the curl of legs
on the spider husk

Simply Haiku 6:4


wheeling above the spinney
leaves and

Presence 41


night frost
aircraft strobe lights
among the stars

Simply Haiku 6:4


lanes heavy
with wild chervil
spring thunder

Presence 39


still there
above the stump
a favourite tree

Blithe Spirit 20:2


her dance class

Blithe Spirit  21:1


every inch
the eagle –
mountain crow

Magnapoets 8


the same old mugs

Presence 43


steel city sunset
looming on the skyline

Presence 43


inner city park
each icy puddle
kicked into shards

first publication


again . . .
swapping the same old stories
both grandads

Blithe Spirit 22:2


jazz radio
the tumbling circles
of the fancier's pigeons

Smithereens (self-published chapbook)