Abraham Freddy Ben-Arroyo

Born 1924 in Sofia, Bulgaria
Living in Haifa, Israel
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time stands still empty church

The Best of Mijikai Haiku 2013


on cold stone and red poppies bleeding soldier



Bones No.1, December 2012


black umbrellas walking under rainy skies



Bones No.2, June 2013


exhilarant orange blossom I'm still alive scent



Asahi Haikuist Netwotk, Nov. 15, 2013


high heeling long legged beauty



The Best of Mijikai Haiku, 2012



just one key

in my pocket



שנת שבתון

רק מפתח אחד



Published in Ardea Issue 3


swallows and minarets

shooting through the sky

in Sarajevo


Notes from the Gean, December 2011, Vol. 3, Issue 3


which switch

for that light?

new home


The Mainichi Daily News, December 29, 2011



trimming my moustache

spring-mode now


The Mainichi Daily News, May 26, 2012


I was young then –

climbing in thin air

Machu Picchu


Multiverses 1.1 June, 2012


Dostoevsky and I

strolling in St. Petersburg then

white nights


The Mainichi Daily News, September 19, 2012


spam retrieved love letter


The Best of Mijikai Haiku, 2012


Sirens (a sequence)

Yom Kippur War ear-piercing sirens since



on cold stone and red poppies the bleeding soldier



memorial wall my son’s name carved on sirens



grave names read  ALOUD  Mt.Carmel echoes



tombstone memorial candle flickers…flickers



Mt.Carmel slowly crawling darkness jackals cries


Bones, No. 1, December, 2012



in hotel corridor –

the North Star


The Mainichi Daily News, December 26, 2012


the smoke

from the incense stick

my fleeting life


The Mainichi Daily News, March 22, 2012


facing me

through the open window

a single star


Kernels, Spring, 2013


slow down

Bullet train!

Snow-capped Fujiyama


Asahi Haikuist Network, July 05, 2013


sky over white Bauhaus balcony black cat


Notes from the Gean, No. 21, July, 2013


the taxi driver

sneezes –

switches the wipers on


Prune Juice, Issue Ten: July, 2013


his name is Alan

why do I call him Alyosha?

Ice cold vodka


зовут его Алан

так почему я зову его Лёша?

водка со льдом


Editor's Choice Ershik, Senryu and Kyoka Journal, October, 2013



through the bus window

her Cleopatra nose


The Mainichi Daily News, October 3, 2013