Hansha Teki

Born 1949 in North Auckland, Aotearoa/New Zealand
Living in Wellington, Aotearoa/New Zealand
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moonstruck –
a river wanders off
in a dream

Under the Basho 2013;
Right Hand Pointing Issue 95, February 2016

the coolness of glass touching darkness

First place in The Shiki Monthly Kukai, November 2015


more equal
than each other
summer clouds

Right Hand Pointing Issue 95, February 2016


in our image the fog of war

Right Hand Pointing Issue 95, February 2016


sand garden . . .
a chatter of leaves
come to rest

Under the Basho 2013; A Vast Sky - An Anthology of Contemporary World Haiku, Tancho Press 2015


park bench -
yesterday's warmth
old news

Frogpond 37:2, spring/summer 2014


dark energy
the gravity
her mind

moongarlic E-zine, Issue 4 May 2015


a word
after a word
at war

Bones no. 7, July 2015


the stillness
after the birth
unravelling star charts

Prune Juice Issue Seventeen, November 2015


crescent moon
a smile of benevolence
goes awry

Prune Juice Issue Seventeen, November 2015


writer's block –
his reflection hogs
the limelight

Failed Haiku Volume 1 Issue 1 January 2016


in spring
the leap from noun
to verb

Failed Haiku Volume 1 Issue 1 January 2016


damped down
by unseasonal reign
failed haiku

Failed Haiku Volume 1 Issue 1 January 2016


waking dream
my skin prowls my body
in self-awareness

Failed Haiku Volume 1 Issue 1, January 2016


winter rain —
the space I am
still mine

Cattails, September 2014


last cicada . . .
the silence crackles
around it

Cattails, May 2014


lenten retreat . . .
a sparrow cocks its head
into silence

Cattails, May 2014


step by step
my shadow anchors me
to the earth

Cattails, September 2014


leaf by leaf
a lilac emerges
in birdsong . . .

Cattails, Premier Edition January 2014


trickling stream . . .
stones at rest gather

Cattails, Premier Edition January 2014


ebb tide . . .
the undercurrents
of silence

from Only Connect (a haibun) Cattails, Premier Edition January 2014


advent light . . .
the pendulum of shadows
creaks through me

from Obladi Oblada (a haibun) Cattails, September 2014


midnight –
my lungs widen
with stars

Poet's Showcase Haiku NZ New Zealand Poetry Society, 2015


a part across from a godwit’s carbon footprint

Bones no. 5, November 2014

river fog –
a nameless ache
fills the page

Frogpond 35.3
Autumn 2012


last rites –
I watch her eyes
let go of me

The Heron’s Nest
September 2012


night of stars . . .
a child tiptoes
in the shallows

Notes From the Gean 4.1
June 2012



morning prayer . . .
an orchid absorbs
the sound of bees

Multiverses 1.1


tattered crow
flying at half-mast . . .
this chill wind

Simply Haiku Autumn/Winter 2011


the voice of God . . .
Bethells Beach

Simply Haiku Autumn/Winter 2011


waning light –
the sea too flickers
with fire

Simply Haiku Autumn/Winter 2011


spring tide . . .
one godwit still
in flight

Simply Haiku Autumn/Winter 2011


eye contact . . .
we breathe this mist
in silence

Simply Haiku Autumn/Winter 2011


moon viewing . . .
a slit of cloud
parts her eye

Simply Haiku Autumn/Winter 2011


autumn dusk . . .
the descent of light
into its past

from a haiga  Simply Haiku Summer 2012


just for today
the blossom that was
never mine

International Sakura Award, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitational 2013


mountain wind . . .
what hunger is this
howling leaves?

not previously published


see it dance
entranced all its life –
a mayfly!

not previously published


A haiku series, with Japanese translations by Ikuyo Yoshimura
and Greek translations by Constantine Fourakis beautifully presented in a Zoe Savina collage.
Simply Haiku Summer 2012


loosens sunlight –
drip by drip


imagine that . . .
the night unfolding
between stars


bread of life . . .
light enters through
a wormhole


fallen night . . .
the apparition of moths
weaving dreams


waiting room –
shadows lengthen
the queue


river fog –
the murmur of
fetal dreams